Brendan Lynch, President and CEO at Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc, 10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2022

Brendan Lynch
President and CEO
Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc

Brendan Lynch, President and CEO at Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc, 10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2022

“Creating Brilliant Solutions”

Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc. started in 1990 and has grown to a Global IT Solution provider focused on Digital Transformation with Cloud operating models. They focus on the customers’ needs by providing the best technical resources while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership solutions, enabling their clients to compete in the Global Marketplace.

Under the aegis of Brendan’s leadership, the company has witnessed some unprecedented growth. He has been in the IT Industry for 35 years, having started at IBM Credit Corporation (“ICC”) in 1987 (they are now IBM Global Finance “IGF”) and then opening up Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc in 1990 as the President and CEO. “We have been a partner of Dell/EMC since 1994 as well as being a Cisco Gold Partner since 2011 and now having over 250+ incredible OEMs we offer as best of breed solutions to our clientele. Brendan has a BA from Providence College and a Masters in Finance from Pace University.”

31 years in business with some of the best and most innovative clients in the world and being able to help in any way has been by far Eastern’s greatest achievement, which they intend to continue for a long time to come. “If we consider we started selling a storage disk drive in Stamford, Connecticut in 1990 and today are delivering some of the most highly technical Digital Transformation Solutions to the top customers globally, it’s a proud achievement, for sure,” adds the President.

Making the Company

The Cloud and Digital Transformation was a complete mind shift for how customers view and store their most critical data today. To compete with the “up and coming” Cloud-based companies, it became critical for brick-and-mortar organizations to evolve and pass their new competition. This allowed Eastern to grow with the customers and provide them with relevant solutions and direction for the changing world of IT.

Eastern’s long-standing success goes back to two very important principles: to treat the employees as #1 and their customers even better. Brendan and his team are hyper-focused on their customers and ensure they receive the best solutions and service possible. They leave no stone unturned for their customers and have been a Strategic Partner to everyone. The company also stands 100% behind its employees as they are family to Eastern and are here for them. “If you take care of your customers and your employees, you can go a long way.”

Offering Unique Solutions

Eastern does not focus on products but on solutions that help customers transform in the Cloud, Digital Transformation, Automation, Managed Services, Edge, Operations, and Data center space. The company collects requirements, evaluates, assesses, designs, and architects, builds business cases and proposals, and provides world-class services to ensure smooth and successful implementation and turnover for our clients. Their services stand out for the expertise and knowledge their teams bring to the table covering global accounts across 5 continents. Eastern has the most highly trained staff with the best OEMs in the industry and over 30 years of experience delivering these World Class Solutions.

Eastern’s technical advisory services provide independent and objective recommendations that represent the best interests of their client's business. They offer an array of assessment services that deliver valuable insights to technology and business leaders, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. Utilizing this information and leveraging Eastern’s extensive relationships with major technology vendors, the company can provide multiple solutions to improve resiliency, efficiency, and performance while often reducing capital and operational expenses.

Since its inception, Eastern has committed to taking a consultative approach with its clients. They engage with them and take the time to understand their business and work collaboratively to develop solutions that meet their strategic growth initiatives while allowing flexibility and scalability to accommodate unforeseen market changes. “It is our belief that it is imperative to holistically understand each organization's unique challenges and opportunities in order to develop technology solutions that will meet their future needs in the most cost-effective manner,” adds Brendan.

Towards the Future

The steadfast leader understands the importance of having a robust consulting and professional services organization to guide their clients in an increasingly complex business and technology climate. Their technical architecture and engineering organizations regularly attend industry conferences and pursue leading-edge technology certifications to stay current in their respective fields. Through the Office of the CTO, products that are part of overall solutions are vetted and determined when ready for their customers. “Then our services portfolio, which is constantly reviewed and modified in order to provide the most value to our client base given shifts in industry is updated with the highest skill sets through our OEM and internal lab training,” explains Brendan.

Eastern wants to continue bringing leading-edge change to the solution offerings to allow their staff to deliver the best options to the customers. “We have to always stay ahead of the industry and up to date with the ever changing market to ensure our customers have knowledge to what’s available to help them compete on the world stage,” adds Brendan. “We provide a world-class company, environment, healthcare and solutions which allow our employees to grow and evolve. We are ever changing which makes it a great place to work, learn and grow. Our team carries a “customer is always first” attitude and will do anything they need to help a customer 24X7X365 going above and beyond always. We could not be prouder of what our team does and accomplishes for our clients.”


Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc


Brendan Lynch, President and CEO at Eastern Computer Exchange, Inc


Eastern opened its Connecticut doors in 1990 with two employees. Today, we’re made up of a robust team of highly talented business strategists in nearly 50 locations with over 20 entities across five continents. Our people bring together years of experience and the highest level of expertise in hardware, software and IT services to deliver end-to-end enterprise technology solutions to customers worldwide.

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