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Viswam Zenith,
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How to connect with more customers to grow revenue?

The answer is simple to add new features and develop the platform with a customer-friendly approach.

India is well on its way to becoming a $1 trillion digital economy. The demand for eCommerce apps has increased exponentially in recent years, especially after the breakout of #COVID-19. With the number of mobile users increasing, businesses use this as a chance to draw in more customers to their brand. #eCommerce apps have influenced the shopping habits of their customers by providing the specified comfort and adaptability.

Digital transformation is not something that happens overnight. It is a process that takes place over time. It involves existing or new technologies being modified or introduced to streamline company processes and ultimately bring the retailer closer to the customer.

As a majority of the population uses apps for various purposes, including shopping, money transfer, information sharing, it is an indicator that eCommerce stores will soon be the primary shopping experience shortly. However, not all online stores can achieve this success. A report from last year found that folks spent an enormous 18 billion hours on eCommerce apps. To provide a successful eCommerce shopping experience, you need to have the latest technology & trending features in your application. Say like Integrating an application with other third party services and payment gateways to get offers and bonus on each purchase, so on.

Technology has had a major role to play in the quantum leaps that the e-commerce sector has taken in India. The adoption of several new technologies like #artificial #intelligence (#AI), #machine #learning (#ML), #chatbots and #cloud computing has made significant improvements in the sector. It's not only the Technology along the UI UX pay a vital role in the user comfort as well, as discussed in our last two articles. A survey study says 80% indicating that technology (development & Ui UX) plays a central role in building a future of retail where convenience, value, safety, and hygiene are key considerations.

Let’s take a look at some of the game-changing features, eCommerce app must-have.

Easy Sign-Up

Lengthy sign-ups may be a much-hated process. Filling out too many fields is irritating to a customer. The sign-ups should be easy and therefore the customers must be ready to complete it during a jiffy. Including a spread of check-in ways like social media accounts, email addresses or one-time passcodes is suggested. The app should hold the knowledge for future visits and ensure a seamless return for shoppers.

Fast Check-outs

Shopping online is all about convenience. The checkout process should be optimized to process quick and straightforward payment transactions and integrate the simplest payment gateways. The payment process must be secure, which may be a major concern of the customer.

Push Notifications

Alert your customers once you have a replacement product or some exciting offers. allow them to know when their favourite product is back or if there's a flash sale. you'll run personalised marketing campaigns and convey messages with push notifications. Push notifications are simple, yet effective nudges and are an excellent way for your brand to speak together with your customers during a direct manner. Push notifications can give your brand the much needed "push".

Loading Speed

The need for speed is constant. Slow loading apps could deter customers from progressing further, which may be a debacle for a business. confirm that the content of the app is optimized to suit the standards of the device environment and loads fast. Customers expect swift loading speed of the app.

Offline Functionality

Offline functionality is an efficient way for eCommerce apps to spice up their customer experience and increase sales. People may have a weak internet connection, especially while travelling. Though they're unable to get while offline, they will save items for later and return to the shop for them in only a couple of clicks.

Smooth User Experience

Great products aren't the sole thing that satisfies your customer. Customers are trying to find an excellent user experience which may keep them delighted. attempt to include unique features that provide value and rewards to users, keeping them hooked to your app. Simple navigation with clutter-free checkout funnel and amazing usability does the trick a provides a fantastic user experience. Users don't need a cluttered app with plagued contents or ads.

Customer wishlists

Wishlists are an important element and an incredibly popular feature of eCommerce websites. They allow users to save items for later while browsing and compare items before buying. A wishlist also compliments offline functionality perfectly so users can bookmark items for purchasing later once they have internet access.

Advanced Features that increase your reach and attention in the market

Advanced Search options

Generally, eCommerce apps host thousands of products listed under various categories. to form it fast and easier for patrons to seek out the products they're trying to find, the app must offer advanced search options alongside necessary filters. This way, even a replacement visitor can find the specified product with none hassle. Speed and convenience of finding a product step up the customer's experience.

Detailed product information

You might think that long product descriptions on mobile aren’t particularly conducive to a small screen, but on the contrary, a small screen is exactly why you need more detailed product descriptions. On a mobile screen, the view of the merchandise can suffer, so providing more detail will assist in giving customers a more informed view of the item before purchasing. This will help reduce returns and potentially unhappy customers.

You should also be sure to provide as many images of the products on these pages as possible. Think about different angles, 360-degree photos and video.

Secured Payment Option

The eCommerce payments ecosystem is an incredibly diverse place right now and people are favouring different payment methods. It’s no longer good enough to just offer credit and debit card payment options. With app and mobile especially, digital payments are key – Apple Pay and Google Pay, PayPal all make for quick and convenient payment experiences for mobile users. Be sure to use a payment provider that can support multiple currencies and international payments.

Make sure that the features you add in your eCommerce app align together with your business goals. Reflect on what you would like to realize with this app and the way the features you add can assist you reach it. You may even want to consider prioritising them and rolling out in different phases of development. Remember, it isn't about having flashy or the newest technology; it's about understanding your customer and catering to their needs.

To take the best from it, follow our expert guidelines on how to build an ecommerce platform. If you are in search of an expert development team that knows how to build the application? Heyooo Inc. we will care your ideas & need for the application and help to realize your vision. Our expert team will help you from all the technical issues that you may encounter too late, and most importantly, it will significantly save your costs and increase the revenue for your business

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