Editor's NoteThe wealth and reach of the top most valuable firms in the world in 2021 is staggering. Today's world is ruled by large multinational brands and corporations. The epidemic has shook the world and had a significant influence on the global economy. As a result, it may come as a surprise to learn that some of the world's largest corporations are still prospering despite the outbreak. Several businesses have done exceptionally well in recent years, resulting in fierce rivalry. The reality of how businesses are coping with the crisis and planning for recovery tells a completely different picture, one of pivoting to business models that promote short-term survival while also fostering long-term resilience and development. Pivoting is a lateral shift that generates enough value for both the consumer and the company to benefit from. As we began to adapt to remote operations and conduct business online, we realized that the changes we are seeing are actually an acceleration of societal and technological trends. Businesses and employees alike are more likely to design the future workplace as a hybrid model that allows for greater work from home. Digital transformation has spurred global disruption like no before as technology businesses pivot to adapt to new world realities. Core qualities that formerly provided a competitive advantage to technology organizations are no longer adequate differentiators. The need for continuous security compliance as well as support of online channels and platforms have turned into non-negotiable components for conducting business. Without a question, the epidemic and the ensuing crises have provided tremendous opportunity for numerous businesses to innovate. To stay ahead of the curve, IT businesses must be prepared to ride the changes they see coming.Growth and Transformation of Companies during PandemicIndustry Era ReviewChief editorChristina ScottEditorial StaffMark DavidSelena JamesDiana EasonVisualizersCarolyn RyanSteve DuenesSalesSamantha WilliamsSamantha@industryerareview.com
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