Any decision related to an organization's growth relies heavily on IT infrastructure. To keep IT enabled applications and services running with high availability, scalability, and security, effective IT infrastructure planning, management, and support is needed. IBM's IT infrastructure solutions are an example of the analysis and careful optimization needed to assist companies in seamlessly moving into the future of technology. Mid-market companies profit from IBM's solutions. IBM provides visibility, control, and automation through its business partners to provide solutions in security, systems management, and data backup and recovery. Technology support is a fast-paced industry that must adapt to technological change while still continually reinventing itself to enhance user experience. The industry of technology support continues to break new ground, from chatbots that learn from interactions to refine their functionality over time to virtual reality support that turns field technicians into instant experts. Watch for developments in improved tracking, chatbot experience, and virtual reality capabilities in the new decade. A predictive, pragmatic approach to the health of the IT ecosystem is the way of the future of technology support. Monitoring is the ability to gather appropriate data in order to generate actionable insights. Although there are some solutions that provide limited visibility today, mostly focusing on software or hardware, the trend is heading toward full visibility across the IT ecosystem, including multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments.Editor's NoteIBM Solution Provider: Reshaped the Global Business LandscapeIndustry Era ReviewChief editorChristina ScottEditorial StaffMark DavidSelena JamesDiana EasonVisualizersCarolyn RyanSteve DuenesSalesSamantha
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