Editor's NoteWe can clearly see that the pandemic will continue to be the main driver of business throughout 2021 and beyond. As well as an economic disorder in the months to come, but there will be bright spots, and the companies who can navigate their way through this are the ones who will outshine everyone in the industry. The pressure has profoundly stimulated the digital transformation of many areas and many companies­ and they are improbable to take their foot off the gas now that they have sustained and successfully marching towards attaining success.For companies built to identify and control change, they can apply it in the circumstances of consumer requirements better and faster than incumbent brands, bequeathing those not equipped for that context left to react. That is the crux of the divide separating digitally native companies and entrenched businesses. And that divide is what digital business transformation endures to address. With the enumerated impact of COVID-19, organizations of all shapes and proportions would do well to audit themselves against the traits and practices of leading digital businesses­ to ensure they are among the leaders and not the stragglers.TECH COMPANIESChief EditorChristina ScottEditorial StaffMark DavidSelena JamesDiana EasonVisualizersCarolyn RyanSteve DuenesSalesSamantha WilliamsSamantha@industryerareview.comIndustry Era Review
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