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Terry Sutherland
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Workforce and business continuity issues challenge organizations, encompassing the long-term realities of employees working from home indefinitely and staffing/resource changes.


Workforce and business continuity issues challenge organizations, encompassing the long-term realities of employees working from home indefinitely and staffing/resource changes. These primary issues have an impact throughout an organization. Today, companies need business continuity to protect personally identifiable information (PII) while employees work in unsecured locations, remote management of business processes, onboarding staff, and augmenting teams. ImageSource is a leader in Digital Transformation solutions through both organic and strategic growth initiatives. ImageSource manufactures the ILINX platform, built from the ground up to automate business processes, connect systems and make data usable for organizations ranging from SMBs to State Governments to Fortune 500 companies.

From basic routing and approvals, intelligent processes based on advanced data extraction or validation, and advanced RPA solutions, ImageSource’s ILINX platform connects with a business system or ultimately manages workflows and business processes. The lLINX platform is just that, a complete platform. ImageSource focuses on a business process and what data is needed to drive service level agreements (SLA’s), approvals, and compliance. Each process can uniquely benefit from technology like machine learning (ML) or Robotics Process Automation (RPA). They work closely with to develop vision with customer partners. What problems need to be solved first, and what impacts the rest of the organization? How can a technical approach assure a successful project? The right modules or deployment of ILINX are defined and deployed.

ImageSource customers can onboard information with eForms and drive approvals and workflow to meet SLA’s, compliance standards, and reduce risk. Specifically, eForms are an on-ramp to a business process. Using eForms integrated into a public-facing or internal website enables 24/7 self-service for customers or constituents. Processes like initiating a loan or a request for benefits happen whenever and where ever necessary. ILINX collects and verifies information and can pushworkflows and processes without human intervention. This is fast, accurate, and auditable.

" ImageSource focuses on building the vision for business process automation with customers partners, and with a 99% deployment success rate, they deliver on that vision "

The company focuses on their customer partners and have a 97% customer retention rate. This means the customer partners maintain their ILINX solution and expand their use of the platform. ImageSource focuses on building the vision for business process automation with customer partners, and with a 99% deployment success rate, they deliver on that vision. “We stay close to our customers to measure and monitor return on investment. Our approach and execution is our differentiator,” says Terry Sutherland, CEO, ImageSource.

With the reality workforce issues, the only assured solution is technology to augment human assets. Terry and the entire ImageSource team are focusing on two primary approaches. The first is ILINX Engage, which provides a unique living workflow experience to internal or external workflow participants. Providing easy-to-use, role-specific access and visibility to workflow and business processes ILINX Engage enables true 24/7 selfservice and real-time processing. Empowering customers and constituents reduces processing time and pressure on staff. The second is ILINX Cognitive Services, a true technology solution to unify content intelligently. “We are focusing on audio content, like recorded calls authorizing services or collecting critical information. We are helping customer partners reduce audio to the essential content and then unifying it to the rest of the incident, individual, or record,” explains Terry. “ILINX Cognitive Services saves hundreds of person-hours spent listening for the correct information or authorization and enables the data to be useful. Sizing it to be sharable between systems and including it with the more traditional content that makes up a record.”

The ILINX Cognitive Services solution is an excellent example of solving business problems with customer partners. ImageSource works with several State agencies that serve rural communities or extend benefits to those who don’t have access or aptitude for technology. These agencies have automated phone systems and conduct phone interviews. In a regular business review with one of these agencies, they shared the challenges they have with the size of the audio files and all of the additional content they end up saving and having multiple staff members go through. ImageSource created a demonstration of how they would approach the problem and had a module ready to deploy in the ILINX platform in a matter of weeks. “From there, we have shared the solution with other customers, including a partner in Financial Services, and have multiple deployments underway. We listen to our customers, our platform is versatile and in continuous development, and we deliver solutions that address real-time business problems,” adds Terry.

One of the company’s largest customers is one of two international credit bureaus. ImageSource is in the tenth year of their relationship with them. Beginning with a content/ECM solution migration from Oracle to ILINX, they delivered that project in 1/10, the time of the nearest competitors’ proposal. From there, ImageSource has continued to innovate with them. Last year they developed their Data Loss Prevention module to help organizations adapt to work from home while securing PII. This international credit bureau was an early adopter of ILINX DLP, which they deployed in a SalesForce workflow for a remote workforce in multiple countries. Some of which have very poor bandwidth. They can support the demands of their international organization while facing the reality that the data they are working with must be secured in environments they have no control over.

Their “office” used to be a white room- completely locked down from even personal mobile devices, and now it may be a coffee shop in Costa Rica. For ImageSource, in this case, the challenges were to integrate their platform with other systems of record, some of which are on-premise, while maintaining the cloud-first development and deployment models.

The company is dedicated to building vision with its customer partners. “We strongly believe cloud and SaaS deployments are not optional but essential to maintain systems and secure data. We are working on a true content-centric cyber security assessment and technology solution for ILINX,” says Terry. “We have seen too much time and spending go towards the recovery from a breach and believe we can help customer partners in prevention. Coupled with cloud services and SaaS, business process automation organizations has a best-in-class solutions in place with the ILINX platform.” It is pertinent to mention, ImageSource has two essential assets—customer partners and employees. They are dedicated to solving business problems in partnership with customers. “In addition to our customer retention rates, our average employee tenure is over ten years. Our executive staff has over 160 personyears experience in content services and business process automation. We are committed to growing and sharing through our company culture and our customer partner relationships.”


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