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Andreas Kisslinger
CEO, Lightcast


When WWNLIVE wanted to provide a robust streaming service for live-events and ondemand delivery and to rebuild the pay-per-view web interface for greater scalability.


When WWNLIVE wanted to provide a robust streaming service for live-events and ondemand delivery and to rebuild the pay-per-view web interface for greater scalability, they chose Lightcast.com--a multi-platform OVP & OTT provider with end-to-end packages for the creation of TV Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Social Apps and distribution of live-streams & on-demand media to Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, SmartTVs, AndroidTV, Mobile Apps and Websites.

During the process, Lightcast.com built, launched, and hosted a new website for WWNLIVE.com, with an online merchandise store, pay-per-view store, user registration, event system, and account system, media archives, and live-stream areas - all completely integrated on the WWNLIVE.com website. At the same time, Lightcast.com created and launched WWNLIVE’s Roku and FireTV App and developed APIs to load PPV purchases of user accounts and subscription-based content on Roku sign-in.

After few years of continued success with PPV and merch sales, the decision was also made to roll out a subscription offer. For one year handing off live streams and subscription monetization to content-syndicator flow, sports were tested but did not prove to be a sustainable long-term resolution despite seeming promising at first glance. It was decided to roll out WWNLIVE’s subscription offer on its website and TV Apps instead, under the name “Club WWN.” The new Club WWN subscription uses the Lightcast EasyPay Multi-Platform Subscription System for authentication on web players and mobile, WWNLIVE’s Facebook app, and TV Apps such as Roku and FireTV. The advantage was the really low setup cost and fast time-to-market, the multi-platform experience for subscribers, and the simplistic rev-share system in WWNLIVE’s favor.

During Wrestlemania in 2017, it became known how fast WWNLIVE’s viewership was growing, and the need to expand website hosting and optimize for future growth became the highest priority to respond to. Lightcast.com incorporated additional server power and redundancies for the website and, in addition to automated software monitoring, offered additional human monitoring and 24-hour support for major live events. And over all these years, WWNLIVE’s growing fanbase and passionate community kept increasing, purchasing PPV tickets, watching live and on-demand on the web, mobile, OTT, and subscribing to Club WWN memberships continuously.

End-to-end Service for Media Publishers

Numerous content creators and media publishers have requirements that surpass most CDNs. From a comprehensive media management system, live-event management, customizable players, and automation for distribution to social networks and OTT to easily customizable app templates for all big app stores and devices, media publishers seek completely integrated solutions, in addition to mere CDN services.

Most OVPs have CDNs of their own integrated or partner with powerful, worldwide CDNs. The usual scenario for a customer is, of course, to receive as much service as reasonable from one single vendor. Ideally, they would obtain a partner who is an OVP, a CDN, a Developer (and even a Marketing Company) all in one. Not only is it a lot more comfortable (thus cheaper) for the CDN and OVP providers to integrate players and archive exhibits on their websites and apps, but it is also a lot faster and simply more productive. Working with only a single point of contact saves time and hassle, and clients can avoid the blame-shifting between multiple vendors (which can get on their nerves after a while). A package solution for all their Live, VOD, SmartTV, mobile, and web delivery needs, including web and app development, is in most cases to the customer’s benefit - both in terms of price, time, hassle and security.

Lightcast.com provides the most comprehensive end-to-end service for media publishers with robust, global, bitrate-adaptive CDN delivery. Lightcast.com was established in 2010 and built by a group of experts from engineering, IT, marketing, streaming, and software development. After four years of product development, Lightcast.com started to onboard customers and became profitable within 12 months. Our wide range of OTT, app framework, and workflow automation services and our customer-friendly and ultra-transparent bandwidth billing set us apart from many CDNs from the start

Lightcast.com is being headed by CEO Andreas Kisslinger, who has decades of experience as an entrepreneur, TV host, and executive in the areas of broadcast, media distribution, media production, business consulting, and technology, giving him a unique capacity to understand how CDN customers think and the difficulties they face. He is a firm believer in listening to the market and prizing the input of customers. He views the customers as relevant stakeholders and patrons of Lightcast.com and always provides customer requests the highest priority. Being passionate about practical business consulting, he is a firm believer in creating sustainable business models and frequently goes the extra mile in consulting customers free of charge. With a gift to create and innovate with performance, he has been the driving force behind product development and business development. Despite the amount of responsibilities, he still supports individual employees handson with solutions to surmount obstacles and challenges.

Media Cloud

The company’s award-winning media management system (CMS), the “Media Cloud,” permits content producers and publishers to upload, manage, power, and monetize all of their contents across all connected websites, social platforms, mobile apps, and TV apps in real-time. The comprehensive abilities of the Media Cloud allow to automate workflows, save time and support, and deliver video, audio, and live-streaming content to more devices and platforms. The Media Cloud interface is so instinctive that administrative staff and low-tech users can instantly upload, maintain and publish content on their websites, social sites, mobile apps, podcasts, TV apps, and beyond, with ease, from any desktop or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Workflow presets provide automated workflows, drag-and-drop schedulers to create linear TV Channels, liveevent managers to produce live streams, and audio channels to generate podcasts. Fully integrated transcoding services automate the encoding and optimization of video and audio files for immediate maximum device compatibility across all OTT, mobile, and desktop devices.

Lightcast.com’s comprehensive CDN service offers a user-friendly media and metadata management system, mobile, web, and OTT, real-time publishing control, automated live-stream, and on-demand distribution to social media, and built-in app framework with app builder for all major OTT and mobile devices, Lightcast.com sets itself apart from many other CDN offerings. “We want to make our customer’s life easier and provide robust, global, high-performance CDN service, with over 100,000 streaming servers in over 100 datacenters worldwide, but at the same time, provide fully integrated automation, distribution, real-time control, content management, monetization tools and OTT services to help content creators and media publishers in saving time and money,” says Andreas.


In addition, Lightcast.com has a different, customerfriendly approach to CDN bandwidth billing. Instead of billing for monthly bandwidth commits and overages in Gigabytes, Lightcast.com translates the “bits & bytes” of data transfer into actual viewing time, billing by minutes of the content streamed, a much more tangible and transparent unit, easier for CDN customers to control and monitor. They provide customers with storage and high-performance VOD and Livestream delivery, sometimes bitrate-adaptive and including mobile delivery.All Lightcast.com CDN Service Packages come with highperformance CDN storage and live-event streaming, including CDN-side recording, linear, 24/7 live-streaming, and bitrateadaptive delivery to all devices, including desktop mobile devices TV devices, and automated distribution to third-party platforms such as social media sites and podcast platforms. In addition, linear streams can be delivered to satellite uplinks and cable providers.

Building the Future

According to Andreas, nothing frustrates media publishers more than a CDN which lacks all of the features and services out of the gate, leaving the publisher with all of the responsibility to build or buy a content management system, configure and manage third-party encoding services, install and manage streaming servers to run certain workflows - collocated in other data centers, hire numerous app developers for various appplatforms and app-stores, license and customize a web player for website integration, install and run an analytics software to track audiences, set up DRM and other security services, invest months (or more) and 6-figures (or more) into building everything their CDN does not provide them with. Lightcast. com’s turnkey OTT solutions, together with robust, global CDN service, with all backup automation, server redundancy, and failover, our comprehensive video platform, and CDN service, provide the level of reliability, efficiency, and wide range of services every professional publisher’s need.

For the days to come, Andreas and his team have an ambitious development roadmap for the expansion of the Media Cloud, with a multitude of additional features and innovations, and the continuous extension of the real-time App Builder, Analytics Suite, App Framework, Multi-Platform PayPer-View Automation, and EasyPay Subscriber Processing System. “Several key partnerships with major brands in a variety of verticals will take our comprehensive services to more customers,” adds Andreas.


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