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Dr. Jay Bhaumik
CEO, Onexte


As a strategic partner, Onexte Onboard works with customers’ teams.

Offers Innovative Technologies to Increase Customers Competitive Advantage

As a strategic partner, Onexte Onboard works with customers’ teams. Onexte is small but nimble, and the business uses cutting-edge technology to help consumers gain a competitive advantage while still supporting their goals and respecting their community. Integrated Comprehensive Security, Premier Cloud Technologies, and Master Data Management are just a few of the company’s outstanding solutions. Onexte’s technological knowledge, communication skills, troubleshooting abilities, common experience, leadership, and vision set them apart. Implementation, update, conversion, and maintenance are all Onexte offerings, as are managed services supported by the company’s technology partners. The organization completes projects on schedule and under budget. The company delivers professional services with exceptional technology depth, industry and business expertise. The company Observe, Engage and Transform. Onexte’s OET methodology is applied regardless of the size of the project. Managed Infrastructure Services can simplify infrastructure management with modular services. Onexte can also manage applications - onsite, through one of the industry leading partners, or at one of the data centers.The company’s Healthcare IT consulting practice includes EHR implementation, revenue cycle, advisory services, reporting, and Interface and interoperability services. “Our mission is to create a Knowledge Based global organization offering best practices and innovative ideas.” says Dr. Jay Bhaumik, CEO.

Onexte’s BM QRadar is a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) product for companies. It gathers information from an organization’s network devices, host properties and operating systems, programmes, vulnerabilities, and User Activities and Behaviors. IBM QRadar then performs real-time analysis of the log data and network flows to identify malicious activity so it can be stopped quickly, preventing or minimizing damage to the organization. The IBM QRadar SIEM is available in hardware, software, or as a virtual appliance. Event processors collect, store, and analyze event data, while event collectors capture and forward data, according to the product architecture. Flow processors for collecting Layer 4 network flows, QFlow processors for conducting deep packet inspection of Layer 7 application traffic, and centralized consoles for SIEM management by Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts are also included in the SIEM product. Flow processors offer similar capabilities as event processors, but are for network flows, and consoles are for people to utilize when using or managing the SIEM. QRadar SIEM consolidates log source event data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications distributed throughout a network. It performs immediate normalization and correlation activities on raw data to distinguish real threats from false positives. IBM Security QRadar SIEM can also correlate system vulnerabilities with event and network data, helping to prioritize security incidents.

“ Our mission is to create a Knowledge Based global organization offering best practices and innovative ideas ”

IBM QRadar SIEM supports threat intelligence feeds in addition to the basic SIEM capabilities that enterprise SIEM devices normally have. An IBM QRadar SIEM license extension that allows use of IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence, which detects IP addresses and URLs associated with malicious activity, can be purchased as an option. The threat intelligence feed provides a threat score and category for each detected IP address or URL, which can help an organization better analyze and prioritize threats. The IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform provides modules for risk management, vulnerability management, forensics analysis, and incident response, as well as IBM QRadar SIEM.


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