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Bruno Koch


“ZETALY’s mission is to value, modernize and sustain our customers’ mainframe infrastructure through our Observability and Automation solutions.


Today, most of the business strategies on being more Customer-Centric and offering an amazing Customer Experience (CX). In the context of their digital transformation, most of the customers are willing to bring more agility to their mainframe and to face their business challenges:

* The mainframe is securing their business and contributes to support their ambition to reach the Operational Excellence

* Supporting their Corporate Social Responsibility goals, the mainframe activity is easy to evaluate and to determine its impact on the carbon footprint

* The skill shortage is also a big issue and could be a risk for the sustainability of the mainframe

As an Observability Solution, ZETALY offers the first-of-its-kind unified interface to shed light on mainframe operations, cost-wise and performancewise, and simplify the understanding of technical data through the scope of business activities. Pioneer in mainframe cost control, zCost Management created in 2006 its first innovation, “AutoSoftCapping.” In 2019, zCost Management entered a new phase of innovation with the launch of ZETALY Service Intelligence, the first component of its new all-inone mainframe management solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. This solution ambitions to cover four areas of expertise: cost control, service intelligence, automated capacity, and resource planning. “We noticed that our customers, often had only a partial vision of their mainframe activity because of the complexity of it. That is why, we extended our offering with an analytics solution,” says Bruno Koch, CEO of ZETALY.

“ZETALY’s mission is to value, modernize and sustain our customers’ mainframe infrastructure through our Observability and Automation solutions. Our solutions have a special focus on cost control and performance improvement to ensure a better customer experience.”

ZETALY Automated Capacity, previously named AutoSoftCapping, was created to address IBM billing methods and bring more performance, capacity, and better cost management to their historical customers for more than ten years. The IBM billing model has recently drastically evolved, and now, they are facing a real challenge: how to control their costs in this new paradigm better? That’s why ZETALY is finalizing its new offer ZETALY Cost Control to respond to the new challenge of controlling the mainframe costs facing the specificities of the new IBM billing model. “Our solution is entirely developed on SCRUM agile methodology and plan to be released soon! And the great point is that we are embarking our customers in this new adventure to make sure we are answering their main needs in the best possible way,” says Koch. “ZETALY Automated Capacity is a production asset that optimizes mainframe capacity utilization. The solution distributes resources in pursuit of improved performance and reduced costs.”

As a network operator and digital service provider in 26 countries, Orange offers its corporate clients support through digital transformation. To optimize its infrastructure budget, Orange initiated a cost control project in 2019, focused on absorbing the annual increase in software costs. Being used to rely on fixed capping limits, the GCL was exposing themselves to performance risks and reducing quality for their internal customers. Then they started to look for an easy-to-use and low-maintenance solution with a quick return on investment. In September 2019, Orange started a Proof of Concept on one of their mainframe with ZETALY Automated Capacity. The solution’s positive effects were immediate and measurable, and they decided to roll it out on the second mainframe. Orange is now able to absorb the price increases of its software portfolio for the next two years. This cost reduction does not impact performance and even helps the mainframe activity run more smoothly. As a result of these savings, Orange will achieve a return on their investment within a year. They also gained better visibility of production with real-time web reporting to quickly identify a problem and find a solution. In short, they are more responsive. End of 2020, Orange has contracted with IBM a Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP), and ZETALY Automated Capacity is now deployed in CMP mode.

About Bruno Koch

Bruno Koch is the CEO of ZETALY


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