Chad chamides

Founder, President




Founder, President

Chad chamides
Founder, President, Titanium


For almost two decades, Titanium Founder and President, Chad Chamides has dedicated his professional time to building a client-first focused business that provides end to end technology solutions and our unique elite service delivery process.


For almost two decades, Titanium Founder and President, Chad Chamides has dedicated his professional time to building a client-first focused business that provides end to end technology solutions and our unique elite service delivery process. And by elite we mean taking care of our clients by providing the most personalized service, competitive pricing, and advanced solutions. An important core value for Titanium as we continue to expand our client base, is to never lose sight of our mission to deliver a quality, reliable and repeatable Fexperience.

In naming the company Titanium, due to its meaning of a lustrous transition metal, one of high-strength and resistance to corrosion, Chamides vision for his company is that it too would be strong and continuously transforming. “At Titanium we are growing our business organically through referral acquisitions and simultaneously growing our internal team”, says Chamides.

Chamides started Titanium in 2008 primarily as a carrier service provider representing both national and international wholesalers and primarily working with clients within tristate area.

“As we offered our carrier services to our clients, we noticed an opportunity to bring the same level of elite service beyond the work that Titanium was doing on the carrier services side. In many cases our projects tied in with our clients’ independent IT firm and we started to notice the lack of service” explains Chamides. “One by one clients started asking us to take over their IT services. Thery desired the same elite service we provided on the carrier side to be expected on the IT and managed services side”.

To understand the depth of acumen Titanium employs, in a particular instance, a medical practice in New Jersey, with 6 neurosurgeons and 35 support staff, was already a Titanium client for carrier services. The practice saw the elite support they were being given on the Carrier Services side and were feeling neglected on the IT support side. Titanium took over the account and quickly found over $85K+ of savings for the practice by implementing Titanium standards and workflow efficiencies.

After years of building a strong brand on the carrier services side, Titanium, with over 200 clients in the portfolio, decided this was the moment Titanium would redefine itself as a full service “go to company for all of your technology solutions”. The goal was to accomplish the creation of an MSP division. “It is important to surround yourself with experts in the industry, filling in knowledge and experience gaps”, says Chamides. Chamides set out to find a leader in the MSP space that had a proven track record and shared his vision for an elite product. Chamides says, “Jason Romer, our Director of Operations, was a long-time colleague of mine, has a stellar track record of standing up MSP’s, and brings a unique energy to the culture”.


Titanium today offers a multidimensional, integrated technology solution, always beginning and leading every project with the same level of elite service regardless of the scope and scale of the project. By providing all facets of superior technology management, Titanium is the only technology partner a client needs.

“Having purview over a clients phone system, connectivity, infrastructure, security, cloud services, customers data, and more, we can identify the best products, partners and providers to enable the company to optimize their performance”, says Chamides.

“Titanium continues to represent and deliver an Elite level of support. Everyone at Titanium works with the mindset that “we are the best in our industry, and we are at the top position,” as there is no space to think about competitors. We operate with a single-minded focus on assisting clients and ways to improve”, says Chamides.

“The Titanium team - senior management, project management, engineers and operations, drive our shared success. Collectively our teams approach each client opportunity to develop and design a technology program. By seeing them rally around each other to tackle client’s needs is the most motivational thing of all. Repeatedly, our clients share their appreciation that our team takes in the partnership, managing their technology programs. They comment on it, and it becomes a conversation topic when we meet with them”, says Chamides. For each of their enterprise-wide engagements, Titanium conducts a post-mortem review, examining every aspect of the project where they excelled and what they learn to improve upon in the future. This concept of continuous improvement and transformation is a core activity for every member of the team. Never satisfied with their success, they always want to look for ways to do things better and improve their model. This level of care, honestly and transparency is why Titanium’s growth is fueled primarily by client referrals.

Our process starts with a technology assessment, learning about a prospective client’s needs and infrastructure. Utilizing industry-leading tools, they can gather a tremendous amount of data to give them insight into their world. Part of this is understanding their assets, their current state, and life expectancy. “Once we have this information, we prepare a detailed report, executive summary and remediation steps to bring them up to our standards of excellence,” he adds. “After that, Titanium utilizes a business intelligence system that integrates heavily with our PSA / RMM tools, pulling the data in to one manageable interface. We then build out client facing dashboards that not only highlight an organizations assets and lifecycle information, but also utilizes calculations to help them understand costs and ROI – all in real-time”.

One of the most recent client highlights is a global security provider with a staff of nearly three hundred and fifty thousand employees. In need of an RMM solution, they partnered with Titanium to develop a heavily customized, seamless AD link for their new cloud based RRM tool. “In partnership with the client, after a comprehensive discovery phase, we commenced upon a six month, 350+ hour development project, led by our Director of Professional Services, Eric Salberg, and Lead Engineer, Allen Carmen,” elucidates Chamides. “The result was an outstanding solution that met and exceeded every one of our client’s expectations while also allowing us to develop a solution that is now proudly going through a patent process”.

Titanium, much like the metal - one of strength, resistance, and superior quality, continues to transform and offer the latest and greatest comprehensive solutions for the future.


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