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John Czupak
CEO, ThreatQuotient


Security has never been more important to service providers.

ThreatQuotient An Organization, having a Self-Tuning Threat Library

Security has never been more important to service providers. A conventional threatcentric approach focuses on preventing and detecting attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the software. Cloud application security requires a modern user-centric approach that recognizes user’s complex nature and how they communicate with data, allowing organizations to identify and respond to real risks. The ThreatQ platform is a threat-centric security platform and has adopted a threat-centric approach to security operations. This strategy helps security teams to prioritize threats and risks, communicate across departments, automate activities and workflows, and incorporate point products into a single security network. ThreatQuotient aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations with a framework that accelerates and simplifies analysis and collaboration within and across teams and resources.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, the mission of ThreatQuotient is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations through a threat-centric platform. Integrating current processes and technology of the organization into a cohesive workspace, ThreatQuotient solutions minimize noise, identify high-priority threats, and simplify processes to provide more considerable attention and decision support while optimizing limited resources. The company’s threat-centric approach serves multiple use cases, including incident response, threat detection, spear phishing, alert sorting, and vulnerability management. “Our team at ThreatQuotient is highly motivated, creative and enthusiastic about providing quality products and customer support.” says John Czupak, President and CEO, ThreatQuotient. The organization’s mission is to enable security teams to respond to cyber threats through ingenuity, precision, and experience by delivering outstanding value that meets the expectations of customers and business partners.

Extensible and Smarter Security Systems

To identify and avoid threats more efficiently and quickly, the current security systems and people need to work smarter, not harder. ThreatQuotient can serve as an open and extensible threat intelligence platform that accelerates defense operations through automated threat and management operations. The integrated, self-tuning threat library, agile workbench, and open exchange help easily understand threats, make smarter choices, and improve detection and response. The company has the industry’s first cybersecurity situation room designed for collaborative threat analysis, mutual understanding, and organized response. ThreatQ Investigations combines visualization and documentation into a collaborative framework for better awareness and emphasis during the investigation process.

Delivers Enterprise Defence Operations

The ThreatQuotient professional services group delivers end-to-end expertise to improve the capabilities of enterprise defence operations. These programs enable organizations to efficiently adapt the ThreatQ to their ecosystems, enhance their employees’ effectiveness through hands-on training, and continually improve the use of threat intelligence in their security operations. The company’s services include the key skills for evaluating, developing and creating a threat-centric security system. The professional services group defines the personnel, procedures and technology required to successfully integrate intelligence into security operations and cyber risk management programs. Such services allow the organization to switch from conventional signature-based monitoring, detection and response to an external threat-focused operation program. ThreatQ is the only threat intelligence application explicitly built to be tailored to suit the needs of the unique environment. The company Open Exchange includes a software development kit, easy-to-use application programming interfaces, and a robust set of industry-standard applications to completely integrate with hardware, technology, individuals, and processes that protect the business.

“We believe the foundation of threat operations is people. We hold true to our core values, in all that we do, among our employee peers, and with our business partners and customers.” says John Czupak, President and CEO, ThreatQuotient.


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