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Because of the existing infrastructure’s low utilization rate, it is difficult to meet nowadays IT demand, and without the unified performance monitoring and management system.

Driving Digital Transformation with Cloud Migration and Security Protection

Because of the existing infrastructure’s low utilization rate, it is difficult to meet nowadays IT demand, and without the unified performance monitoring and management system, coupled with the impact COVID-19 has bought, digital transformation has become the necessary ability for enterprises to face the changing and unpredictable environment today.

However, enterprises confront the following situations while they are planning to build the digital infrastructure on the cloud: it’s hard to understand the relations between applications such as programs, hardware, and internet devices; they don’t know how to evaluate the technical feasibility of the migration and the cost difference between local and cloud environment. Enterprises’ digital transformation is often stuck, leading to repeated delays in IT plans.

CKmates International Co., Ltd. (CKmates), qualified as the partner of AWS, VMware and Veeam, provides a complete migration service plan for the enterprise’s existing system architecture and gradually guides customers to migrate application workloads to the cloud, ensuring that the migration process follows the best practices of AWS Well-Architected from beginning to end. Comprehensive information security solutions such as WAF, IAM, and MFA keep a safe cloud environment, allowing enterprises to achieve the best benefits of improving operations and cost optimization.

Hanson Ho, Founder & CEO of, CKmates worked at Internet Data Center (IDC) in his early days. He knew that Taiwan business needed one-stop IT services instead of mere agents and co-location providers, so he was determined to stop the single-point IT services previously. Apart from providing a full range of cloud, information security, and cross-border needs, it is more important to prevent and detect risks for customers and solve blind spots that business owners do not perceive, giving full play to the consulting value that ordinary IT vendors can’t. Hanson Ho set the core mission of CKmates he founded: “Don’t let CKmates become an ordinary IT vendor, but a trusted partner in the enterprises’ eyes.”

Cloud-managed service started from this moment. Hanson Ho bought AWS cloud service to Taiwan more than a decade ago when cloud service had not developed. At the same time, CKmates, as a cloud service pioneer, became the only agent of AWS in Taiwan.

Compared with the deep terms that people in the high-tech industry usually use, Hanson Ho believes life-oriented terms could help enterprises steadily build correct knowledge and understand the power this new technology can bring to improve business operations. In this case, they can use the cloud combined with their skills or knowhow appropriately to achieve more goals for the business.

Unique Solution

After migrating to the cloud, most companies worried about data loss or leakage in the cloud and misconfiguration on a cloud platform. CKmates has been certified by ISO27001, the international information security protection certification. We provide Cloud Managed services (MSP), including monitoring security through the 7x24x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and monitor logs and records so that the information security team can check the client’s server traffic to counter any abnormal events. In addition, CKmates provides cyberattack defense services to block attacks like DDoS. It also uses WAF to keep the security and availability of web applications from being affected. Furthermore, we adopt the technology of RADWARE, a global leader in information security, to monitor the internet 7x24. CKmates provide comprehensive security solutions by reducing external attacks more intelligently and efficiently.


When Cloud and Fog Computing started to develop, CKmates insists that enterprises don’t need a mere AWS agent or co-location provider but a partner who can provide a complete cloud solution. “We combine our three major advantages: public cloud, co-location and experienced information security team, to develop special service solutions such as optimization services for cloud architecture, deploy IT infrastructure, hybrid connection solutions, Penetration Test Vulnerability Assessment solutions etc,” says Hanson. “To let enterprises have the most safe and appropriate cloud environment, we even have the cloud managed services. CKmates devote ourselves entirely to guide enterprises to transform in order to face today’s changing market trends.”

As a leading hybrid services provider in Taiwan, CKmates follow the cloud migration four steps: Assessment, Planning, Migration and Operation with 7R strategy and professional migrating tools, for example, CloudEndure, AWS Migration Hub, and Veeam, to migrate business’s application workload to AWS cloud, efficiently and safely. “We also provide POC when customer wants to verify cloud is fit for them. Through this path, we can ensure all the process meets best practices, security compliance, and is protected by cloud security,” adds Hanson.

Helping Companies Surge Ahead

CKmates has helped many enterprises with digital transformation by migrating their ERP/SAP to the cloud. By migrating the ERP/ SAP, which integrates the company’s financial, human resources, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, and other key resource data, to a highly scalable and usable secure cloud through AWS Launch Wizard allow companies to accelerate the migration and simplify the pace of SAP to AWS. In that case, enterprises can increase productivity, business flexibility, and operational flexibility. It leads to the enhancement of competitivities in the market. “It’ll be easier for company to do the digital transformation and face today’s changing and unpredictable market environment under the cost optimized situation at the same time,” says Hanson.

Over the years, CKmates has successfully promoted cloud migration and used cloud solutions for many listed companies in traditional manufacturing, biotechnology, construction, service, gaming, and other industries to drive digital transformations. For instance, Continental Engineering Corp. (CEC), a large construction company in Taiwan, migrated their SAP on AWS under CKmates’ help to optimized for large SAP systems and get better performance out of the software. CEC’s IT costs were reduced by 10%, and their SAP ERP reports delivering time is 83% faster. Kane Pan, ERP systems manager at CEC, said, “The project was well managed from end to end, with CKmates and our technology partner collaborating well and ensuring we stayed on schedule.”

CKmates devote themselves to cloud migration, architecture planning, and information security protection for Asia, especially in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong. “We establish the SAP team in 2021 with the main focus on ERP migrate to cloud. According to IDG, a global market research organization, 38% of short-term users claim that implementing SAP on the cloud can achieve cost savings, up to 43% of long-term users feel that organizational efficiency has been greatly improved, and 32% believe that innovation capabilities have also improved,” explains Hanson. “We hope that through the SAP team of CKmates, we can bring more efficient and more investment-worthy new operating solutions for enterprises across Asia.”

CKmates is now a leading hybrid cloud service provider in Taiwan. “We will continually devote ourselves to providing enterprises with optimized architecture and technology to enhancing the core capabilities of enterprises,” elucidates Hanson.


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