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Joseph Maxwell,
CEO, Parlance


Kastle Systems has been leading the security industry for 48 years with innovative technology and integrated security solutions.

Parlance Empowers Organisations to Harness the Power of Speech

For nearly 25 years, organizations nationwide have depended on Parlance to modernize and improve the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service. Parlance empowers organizations to harness speech’s power to allow your clients to communicate spontaneously and connect directly to you when they call you on the phone. The technologies provided by the company allow customers to communicate spontaneously and communicate directly. At the same time, they contact organizations on the phone, offering secure, voice-driven access to their services: no more pause times, no detailed lists, no numbers to press on a dial pad.

“We believe that consumers deserve frictionfree, voice-driven access at the organizations they communicate with every day.” says Joseph Maxwell, CEO, Parlance. Parlance voice-enabled call routing system allows fast, easy, and intuitive caller interactions to bring callers to the right location in any enterprise without the effort and annoyance of IVR menus, automatic participants, and long queues. Substantial levels of customer interaction provide instant effects and enticing ROI. Deliver the service that your consumers expect and the reliability that your contact centres require. Please callers, improve the number of officers, reduce prices, and more.

Parlance has a distinguished tradition of addressing real world challenges through sound research and speech control. Parlance speech recognition systems originated from BBN Technology, now Raytheon BBN Technology, which offered specialist acoustic analysis to the U.S. government during the JFK assassination investigation. When the UN headquarters wanted a plan to guarantee maximum acoustics, ensuring that every word at every meeting could not only be understood but captured flawlessly, we were there, too. Parlance has a history of creativity and success that has been moving us forward for decades.

" We believe that consumers deserve friction-free, voice-driven access at the organizations they communicate with every day "

With Parlance relieving the burden of routine transfers and poor self-service, business operations are optimized – live agent effort is saved for more complex calls, massive hold queues are eliminated, there are fewer interactions from frustrated callers waiting on hold, staff morale improves, and revenue leakage due to call abandonment is significantly reduced. Years of experience in healthcare, industry, higher education, and government have taught the company that the consumers need more than just technology to accomplish their goals. They ought to have a trustworthy companion. As a managed business, Parlance provides not only industry-leading technologies, but also a team of seasoned professionals who can make the device run, take care of day-to-day results, and guarantee ROI.

Parlance technologies have successfully connected more than 500 million calls to our customers. The company’s skilled team comprises respected specialists in all key fields – from mobile incorporation and directory creation to dialogue design and competent voice-over recording. Business professionals partner with customers from early meetings and assessments to better explain caller actions through continuous performance analysis and confirmation.

The organization is committed to the quality of the voice services, year after year, by continually changing and enhancing call handling. The company is leading the marketplace with self-service solutions that benefit callers and the businesses that serve them. The company is dedicated to helping the customers move from outmoded, clunky IVR, and auto-attendant solutions of yesteryear to intelligent call handling that takes advantage of the latest technological breakthroughs.


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