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Detecting threats was hard enough in “normal” times.

August eTech Providing Customized Hands-on

Detecting threats was hard enough in “normal” times. Now, with everyone working remotely (including security teams), it’s even harder. A remote workforce comes with myriad dangers, with employees relying on their home networks – sometimes their own devices – and without the assurance of a member of your IT team on hand if anything goes wrong. August eTech introduces a new MSP skew called Secure Managed Service Provider (SMSP) to address these challenges. This package includes cybersecurity offerings such as pen testing, network scanning, and ISO20007 name a few.

Established in August of 2001 by Janice A. Mahlmann, August eTech was created to serve the void in IT consulting where small- to medium-sized organizations fall. “We strive to be an affordable, freestanding IT department within companies that don’t have the staff or budget for one,” she says. “For the price of one in-house full-time IT employee, you can have the team at August eTech behind you with data security experts, desktop techs, firewall techs, network engineers, and much more.” August eTech services include desktop, server, network monitoring, and support. Owing to their revolutionary approach, August eTech has become more than a solution—they have culminated into a true partner, providing solutions before a problem even arises their commitment to be a full-fledged member of an organizational team.

“August eTech helps customers plan out their future technology needs and evaluate their current network and technologies, IT team, security, Disaster Recovery, and any compliance that the firm needs to be under such as HIPAA, FDA, and many others”

August eTech’s most important evolution is expanding their Chief Information Officer services to help companies of all sizes manage their current and future technology while controlling their budget. August eTech has a boutique of services, and they work with the client to find out what service fits them, their industry, and their budget while still making sure that they are secure. “We believe that our personal touch to setting them up and continuing the relationship is what allows us to have an edge on the competitors,” says Janice. “Due to COVID-19 cloud computing needs, share file needs and video communication has skyrocketed in use. We have worked implement cloud services from Citrix to Google to Microsoft to help clients work in a collaborative and secure environment even though they are not in the office together.”

August eTech’s Chief Information Officer solution is what makes them unique. As Chief Information Officer, August eTech works alongside an organization, helping them navigate technology so that the client can achieve their business goals efficiently. “We ensure to discuss and help you discern strategic goals, look at your current technology and work to keep your budget in line and at the forefront of each solution,” explains Janice. “

A Chief Information Officer needs business and technical skills; not only can they dramatically reengineer business processes, but they also have the leadership skills required to convince others that change is necessary. To figure out how IT can generate business value, Chief Information Officers must grasp and quickly respond to several market forces, including innovations in technology, vendor product offerings, disruptive technology, and, increasingly, a customer base that expects to do business across physical and virtual channels. The increasingly rapid pace of technology change, coupled with widespread consumer adoption of digital technologies such as social media, mobile devices, and cloud computing, have forced Chief Information Officers and their enterprises to rethink the role IT plays in nearly every aspect of the business, from operational efficiency to employee productivity to customer service to business goals and even business survival. August eTech helps customers plan out their future technology needs and evaluate their current network and technologies, IT team, security, DR, and any compliance that the firm needs to be under such as HIPAA, FDA, and many others.

August eTech CEO Janice Mahlmann personally leads the Chief Information Officer Services initiative. Her experience of over 25 years in the IT Security and Networking industry allows her to serve as an Information Technology Adviser for any business. Janice’s expertise is based on her past as an IT network engineer and manager, database analyst, and IT department head, so she has the know-how to identify the necessary solutions for their business needs. “If you wonder “where can my business go next?” I can give you a 30,000-foot view to plan out your future progress for technology.”

August eTech is partners with clients and prospective clients to resolve issues. When a prospective client had several inexplicable issues with their Citrix terminals and called August eTech in for a consultation. “We were able to identify that the Citrix two-server redundancy was not working correctly, and with the client’s blessing, we remedied the situation, by reconfiguring their Citrix environment and then applied a permanent fix by replacing their very old Citrix terminals with new ones and upgraded the Citrix software on the Citrix terminals that were still viable,” explains the steadfast leader.

To keep up to date on cybersecurity as August eTech mentioned earlier they have a new SMSP (Secure Manages Service Provider) skew. “We have brought in a business partner of ours that we have been working with for years now and created the SMSP offering. This package includes cybersecurity offerings such as pen testing and network scanning, built right into the cost of a standard MSP allow clients to have extra built-in security” says Janice.

As a woman-founded and owned technology business, August eTech has taken up STEM education advocacy for girls of all ages. Janice has spoken at numerous events about her experience getting into computers and IT for girls who may become the great inventors, scientists, or programmers of the future. Janice has also hired young ladies as interns to give them the ability to work hands on in an IT environment and get the opportunity to see different career options in the field. Janice hopes to pick back up on her work with the Girl Scouts of America to help scouts earn “tech” badges when public events open after COVID and is lined up to host a Gold Award project involving computer safety/security.

“The future is ever expanding in technology and August eTech is there to guide you through the maze of options.” Janice Mahlmann


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