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OPERR is designed to increase both base and driver operational efficiency, boosting performance, customer retention, and profitability

Out-of-the-box Booking & Vehicle Dispatching Software Solution

The present range of available software tools for transportation businesses is small or many cases, non-existent. There are currently no tools available to allow standard car service companies and other transportation providers to get a larger slice of the on-demand transportation business. Many companiesOPERR matches drivers to customers in response to real-time (on-demand) requests from customers using the OPERR mobile app. Their technology allows bases to receive and provide automated and customized dispatching of service requests on-demand following individual customer and driver needs.

OPERR is a multi-faceted New York City-based start-up that bridges software development, for hire transportation, billing dispatching, and legal compliance fields to provide customers (primarily transportation providers) an all-encompassing software platform that allows them to run their daily business operations or efficiently, effectively, and productively. OPERR caters to services for both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer markets. OPERR works especially well in the non-emergency medical transport industry (NEMT), which has regulatory variations from state to state.

The company’s primary focus is developing cost-saving productivity and business operations-related software technologies, primarily for the transportation industry (for both on-demand and traditional types of transportation). With innovative and patented technology that helps centralize business operations, OPERR anticipates gaining a significant market share in both non-emergency medical transportation (“NEMT”) and on-demand transportation industries in the United States and worldwide.

OPERR is designed to increase both base and driver operational efficiency, boosting performance, customer retention, and profitability. They are the first technology company providing a comprehensive platform (Web and Apps) that include booking, dispatching, scheduling, billing, phone system, as part of their service spectrum. The all-encompassing capabilities of the system and its automation features help the transportation provider save time and money in key aspects of their business operations. This includes features such as smart-scheduling with personal preferences, dispatching, record-keeping, keeping up with regulatory compliance, and even in the customer support area, with their integrated phone system that also contains automation features. OPERR is designed to reduce the amount of human effort required to perform the same work and organize the information and improve overall customer satisfaction for the transportation provider.

" OPERR ’s goal is to build a large network of all the local car service, taxicab, limo, van, and other transportation providers under one platform "

Unlike Uber or Lyft, which contract their drivers (and facing legal issues in many places due to labor laws), OPERR provides a cloud-based platform for existing car service and FHV companies to use. They do not employ or contract drivers at all. OPERR software can allow local transportation services to upgrade their existing operational software (which is typically outdated and lagging). They can even offer a white-label solution to bases that want to retain their branding in the mobile booking application. OPERR ’s goal is to build a large network of all the local car service, taxicab, limo, van, and other transportation providers under one platform, allowing them a chance to garner additional on-demand or non-emergency medical transportation business that may not have otherwise been available to them.

None of OPERR’s services require the purchase or the installation of any extra specialized hardware or infrastructure components. It is a cloud-based software platform, and the only requirement is an internet connection. The primary components of the platform are the mobile apps. One for customers to book rides, and the other is an app for drivers to work jobs. Then, the OPERR web-client is used by transportation providers and allows for dispatching, billing, scheduling, and even customer service phone operations from the web-client are a simple web-browser. The OPERR platform can automatically take trip bookings using those channels, then verify it as needed, schedule, and dispatch. This saves transportation providers a lot of time and money in the process. OPERR has also succeeded with its billing service, assisting clients in recovering lost income from denied Medicaid claims for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers. OPERR can process their past billing data for lost revenue with the industry’s first and only ‘Look-Back’ billing algorithm.

OPERRTel phone system enables businesses to upgrade their existing network of business phones into an advanced digital switchboard. Their telephone system is a VoIP based system and can integrate with most digital office systems or VoIP systems. Having a VoIP system allows them to create productivity enhancing software features that can work with the rest of the OPERR application suite, such as recognizing incoming calls and then automatically figuring out where that call needs to go based on previously generated data in the system (customer data, order status, etc.). Their OPERR Tel Phone system provides features that can boost business collaboration abilities, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, presence indicators, and online meetings, allowing employees from different departments to communicate and collaborate with modern tools built into the OPERR platform.

After successfully implementing their company’s national expansion, OPERR looks forward to expand the business worldwide. Their system has the combined advantages of high quality, low price, customizable features and the combination of their different modules benefits the remote working module for any company and allows the companies to keep connect with their employees and monitoring the works with the proper management method.

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