Roman Smola

Founder & CEO





Roman Smola
Founder & CEO, Passengera

Passengera is a global detail, entertainment and vehicle specialists

Operate on Global Public Transport Markets

Passengera is a global detail, entertainment and vehicle specialist. The group, assisted by a large multinational team of passionate industry experts and specialists, designs infotainment systems, AI-driven on-board travel assistants, passenger information systems and connectivity and business on-board networks for trains, buses, airlines, automobiles and boats. Passengera develops, distributes and maintains connectivity solutions for transport operators that help increase passenger satisfaction and improve travel experience. The company’s services offer a strong competitive advantage and provide customers with valuable information about their passengers. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, the company operates on global public transport markets with partners, works with transport operators, vehicle manufacturers and content providers. The solution of the company is suitable for buses, trains, vessels and taxis. With deep in-house know-how and a variety of collaborations, Passengera offers a wide range of solutions and services for the transport industry, including custom hardware, Wi-Fi architecture, hardware and application creation. The network of the company is flexible and can operate on buses, trains, boats, planes and taxis. “We provide top-tier solutions for transport companies and manufacturers of all sizes.” says Roman Smola, Founder, COB.

The Passengera server is a versatile hardware framework targeted to the transport industry and built to satisfy the diverse needs of transport operators. Its modular modules are up to the new standards (such as LTE-A) which have a broad range of interfaces for connecting displays, external Wi-Fi connection points, IP cameras, a number of sensors, etc. The Passengera server is primarily built for the Passengera Infotainment programme and expands its flexibility to an all-in-one unit on board. It can also host applications from third parties. Passengera Infotainment provides more than entertainment content, such as movies, music, ebooks, games, etc. It is also a market and connectivity channel for operators and passengers that opens up new opportunities. Customers are getting new channels to exchange information and reviews with travellers.

“We provide top-tier solutions for transport companies and manufacturers of all sizes.”

The company’s central cloud-based management system makes it easier for consumers to run fleets from your office. It is housed in our data center but can be run on its own if appropriate. It is extremely versatile and can accommodate more than 1,000 cars. Customers may delegate unique content to selected vehicles or classes. Customers can handle train and bus systems on a single network. Passengera can be coordinated from anywhere through mobile data networks or Wi-Fi depot systems. The company’s software provides an open API that can be incorporated with third-party applications such as advertising networks, CMS, Real Time Information Systems, etc. Central management comprises the four main modules mentioned below.

Since the introduction of the service, the business has seen a rise in customer loyalty. The organization has been able to make effective use of onboard Wi-Fi and the entire infotainment network to monetize and streamline traveller contact networks. Passengera is compatible with the internal structures of the station. It supports, for example, the on-board passenger information system to view real-time route-related information, advertising and more. This lets the customer maintain a competitive advantage. The Passengera solution on the Bernina Express was released in December 2016 and has proven utility by offering passenger demographic data to help create tailored promotions. This shows that high-quality content results in greater viewership, resulting in higher opt-in numbers, stronger passenger interaction and increased customer loyalty.


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