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Alon Rosenberg
Founder, Nipendo


Nipendo streamlines and simplifies interactions between enterprises (buyers) and their suppliers across all spend categories and all supplier types and sizes.

Nipendo - Providing Unparalleled Value to Buyers

Nipendo’s cloud-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform for Purchase-to- Pay (P2P) process automation has been revolutionizing the way businesses perform and manage procurement, supply chain and finance processes for over a decade. The platform streamlines and simplifies interactions between businesses (buyers) and their suppliers across all categories of products and services spent and across all types and sizes of suppliers. Using RPA, Machine Learning and AI technologies, the platform makes P2P processes touch-free and error-free and offers process governance, compliance management and regulation, audit and validation, conflict resolution and mismatch management. Organizational technology does not substitute current P2P processes or ERP systems – either on the Buyer’s side or on the Supplier’s – by automating all P2P processes, thereby providing consumers with a new way of doing business, greater productivity and dramatic cost savings.

"The nipendo platform benefits both buyers and suppliers, which is why our customers enjoy unprecedented rates of supplier participation"

Beyond making RPA, AI and ML available at record speed and bringing unprecedented value to Consumers, nipendo’s technology allows all customers suppliers – regardless of their form or size – to opt-in happily as they derive tremendous value from it and because the opt-in process is frictionless. nipendo’s platform is built to help enterprises Automate the entire process from procurement to payment, not just individual documents. Every information exchange between the enterprise and its suppliers encapsulates the entire context and history of the interaction, enabling the organization’s Bots to perform process governance around the different process types, according to the enterprise’s policies, rules and logic. It also enables Nipendo Bots to ensure compliance, implement actions, request additional information, verify data accuracy, fix discrepancies and conduct several other activities – all with the goal of process automation, replacing manual work, reducing mistakes, increasing visibility, and enhancing manageability and control.

Nipendo’s platform continually enhances and streamlines buyer-suppliers’ interactions by observing and learning the reasons behind infringements, recognising common disparities, calculating average time periods, and the like. The platform improves error-rate reduction, autonomously resolves more and more discrepancies, and gains greater insights and intelligence. All this enables continuous improvement, which provides greater value to both Buyer and its supplier base, ultimately achieving a touch-free and error-free rate of over 95% of total enterprise spend. Nipendo customers are able to complete digital transformation processes across all spend categories and the entire supplier base in less than six months! This, due to the organization’s use of internally developed Best- Practices templates of P2P process automation with plug- ins to many of the existing ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamix. “The nipendo platform benefits both buyers and suppliers, which is why our customers enjoy unprecedented rates of supplier participation.” says Alon Rosenberg, Founder, Nipendo.

Connecting to the organization’s platform and integrating it into the customers and their suppliers’ existing systems and processes is simple, requiring no custom coding or mapping. The nipendo platform allows all parties to connect once and communicate with all, regardless of their ERP system, data requirements, or specific business processes. It empowers suppliers through self- service reconciliation options, eliminating errors and manual processes and removing supply chain bottlenecks. Every supplier interaction going through nipendo is validated for data consistency and compliance with the buyer’s business rules before it enters its ERP system. If validation fails, the supplier is alerted so the discrepancy can be immediately resolved. Buyers and suppliers can subscribe to real-time updates and dashboards that keep them informed on the status of the order at each step of the process and allow them to zero in on the exceptions.


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