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Infocon Systems


Deepak Nijhawan
President, Infocon Systems


We provide EDI services for companies in all sectors of the global economy . These industries include retail, grocery, automobile, transportation, defense, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture to name a few.

Infocon Systems - Specialized in Integrating EDI Data into Any ERP System

Infocon Systems Inc. is a FULL SERVICE information systems company located in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 1988, Infocon Systems has been the customer’s single resource for everything you need to know about electronic data interchange (EDI), EDI software, Outsourcing services, Web EDI, UCC128 label printing BarCode. For over 30 years, Infocon Systems has been offering EDI solutions and services to companies around the world. Infocon Systems offers EDI services to businesses in all fields of the global economy. These sectors include retail, grocery, automotive, transport, defence, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, to name a few. Specifically, in the Defense industry, the organization provides EDI services with trading partners such as the Army Airforce Exchange, Navy Exchange, and the Defense Logistics Agency. In the grocery industry, the organization regularly works with Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and many other big-name trading partners. The company is also experienced in incorporating the clients EDI data into any ERP system. Popular ERP systems for which the organization work includes Quickbooks, ShipStation, SAP, and Salesforce. Integration removes manual data entry for the customers’ business providing a streamlined workflow for the customer’s company. Infocon offers 24/7/365 support to all of the customers, and the company can also develop custom solutions for different companies based on their specific needs. “As our motto states, Infocon Systems can develop EDI solutions for ANY trading partner, with ANY integration, in ANY industry.” says Deepak Nijhawan, President, Infocon Systems.

"As our motto states, Infocon Systems can develop EDI solutions for ANY trading partner, with ANY integration, in ANY industry"

Infocon Systems runs 6 million transactions through the organization’s system annually (and the company is growing by 30 percent year over year). The organization also processes over 3 billion dollars’ worth of invoices a year. All of Infocon’s EDI & software solutions are hosted on a world-class infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) - with 99.9% uptime & high-availability. All of the data that runs through the organization’s system is encrypted through SSL & the AS2 protocol. Additionally, the organization’s systems are securely located in the heart of the Silcon Valley. Infocon also has a comprehensive team that monitors the organization’s infrastructure 24/7/365. This team includes a Database Administrator, a Data Protection Engineer, and a Networking expert. Moreover, the company has an operations team that monitors every transaction that runs through the organization’s system around the clock. Lastly, the organization’s platform partners, Microsoft Azure &Connectria Managed Hosting, are SOC 2 certified for their security procedures, processing integrity, data confidentiality, and information privacy.

Infocon offers personalised solutions to the unique EDI needs of each industry. While not every form of business is expected to use EDI, it is rapidly becoming a standard for handling all forms of electronic business transactions. Infocon has over 20 years’ experience integrating the data that moves through the clients supply chain with a broad range of back-office applications. The organization’s process starts by developing an integration plan based on clients’ unique business processes, and thenInfocon rapidly deploys an integrated solution that’s right for customers’ business. Integrations can be handled through a number of methods, including Web Service, XML, direct ODBC queries into staging tables, CSV or flat files. Infocon offers personalised solutions for the unique EDI needs of each industry. Although not every form of business is expected to use EDI, it quickly becomes a requirement for the handling of all forms of electronic business transactions. Infocon Systems maintains a huge database of EDI trading partners for any industry including EDI for Walmart, Costco, Target, Home Depot and supports all document types.


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