Thuy Mai

Chairman and CEO





Thuy Mai
Chairman and CEO, DiCentral


Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the digital exchange of business documents between companies using computers, replacing old school faxing and mailing methods.

DiCentral - Seamlessly Transact with Vendors and Suppliers

DiCentral’s scalable EDI and supply chain solutions connect with every sector and more than 100 ERP, WMS, accounting and eCommerce structures custom designed back office systems. The organization easily deploys, manages and scales your EDI to ease your stress and to perfectly fulfil the needs of the client’s organization. DiCentral’s suite of supply chain applications helps the clients respond quickly to business changes and improve supply chain efficiency by automating fulfillment, shipping, and receiving processes. Whether the client is a manufacturer, retailer, or 3PL, our real time EDI solutions ensure complete supply chain visibility. With customizable features, powerful business rules monitoring, and mobile EDI alerts, which will help the clients to stay one step ahead of the competition.

"As part of DiCentral’s outsourced EDI solutions, DiCentral provides leading Service Level Agreements and professional services led by a team of industry veterans, giving you the confidence to meet and exceed your business goals"

DiCentral’s high-performance multi-tenant communication gateway helps you to securely connect and share sensitive information. Drive EDI enforcement around the consumer trading community, regardless of protocol, encryption, and connectivity scheduling. DiCentral’s easy-to- use, customizable dashboard enables supply chain managers to filter the real-time information based on their roles and preferences. With the dashboard, managers view the most relevant data in real time, speeding up reaction time and course corrections. “As part of DiCentral’s outsourced EDI solutions, DiCentral provides leading Service Level Agreements and professional services led by a team of industry veterans, giving you the confidence to meet and exceed your business goals.” says Thuy Mai, Chairman and CEO, DiCentral.

DiCentral’s service bureau acts as the client’s own EDI department to convert faxed, emailed, or mailed documents into your customers/s prefered data format to enable EDI compliance. With DiCentral’s B2B and B2C e-commerce apps, you can speed up the e-commerce supply chain and integrate efficiently with partners to bring orders, packing lists and shipping labels into the hands of those that need them, while retaining the same visibility of orders coming from the customer’s own warehouse. Leverage the power of EDI in e-commerce. DiCentral’s secure, cloud-based EDI platform connects quickly with your trading partners and integrates external data into your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS) or accounting software. DiCentral’s world-class procedures and service level agreement (SLA) ensure the highest levels of availability and security. DiCentral’s cloud-based business rules management solution provides proactive monitoring and alerts across every trading partner relationship and EDI accounting document type to ensure business rule compliance and prevent rule violations before they occur.

DiCentral supports multiple fulfillment models such as: ship to distribution center, dropshipping, ship to store, cross dock, vendor-managed inventory, and scanned-based trading. DiCentral’s innovative suite of supply chain solutions helps the customers to comply with CPG manufacturing EDI faster and drive efficiency across your trading community. DiCentral’s on-demand suite of supply chain and warehouse system solutions enables the customers to scale their warehouse space management and pick-and-pack services to accommodate more sophisticated customer requirements. DiCentral’s powerful cloud-based automotive EDI and release management solution enables hundreds of trading partners to meet the release management and shipping requirements of OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 automotive manufacturing. DiCentral’s EDI automotive solution enables the customers to seamlessly transact with vendors and suppliers and comply with MMOG guidelines. DiCentral’s EDI solutions are uniquely adaptable to the needs of the automotive supply chain, allowing for real-time communication and tracking through each stage of assembly.


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