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SyncHR, that means reimagining what's possible and creating innovative payroll and HR tenchnologies to bring that to life for the HCM industry.

Offers Centralized and Interrelated Data Easy to View

Established in 2010, SyncHR is the Human Resource Management (HCM) technology leader, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, streamlining HR, compensation, and payroll management with a cloud-based approach. By making centralized, interrelated data easy to view, correct, and interpret across one intuitive platform, the company’s HCM platform saves time and reduces expenses. Dedicated to making premium features available, SyncHR is the only supplier of HCM technology that provides mid-sized enterprises with a cost-effective, new, enterprise - worthy HCM platform. SyncHR is a rapidly growing technology company in the HCM space. The company has innovative SaaS solutions that cover Recruiting, Core HR, Benefits Administration, Payroll, Time and Talent Management. The proprietary, enterprise-class HCM technology from SyncHR is just one aspect of the story and service we provide to our customers and partners. The business redefines and simplifies HCM with what SyncHR empowers consumers to do and how the organization is at any step of the way for customers. From implementation to integration and training to customer care the company reduces time to execution and simplifies the transition process.

“Leading brands across multiple industries power their accounting and HR teams with SyncHR. Our software helps them manage day-to-day organizational changes without the headache.”

“Leading brands across multiple industries power their accounting and HR teams with SyncHR. Our software helps them manage day-to-day organizational changes without the headache.” Pam Glick, Chief Executive Officer. SyncHR is shifting the HR game with the most richly featured and closely optimised HCM applications available to better align today’s enterprise’s core operations and help them succeed in a new marketplace that is quickly changing and competitive. A special position-oriented architecture, robust process automations, and responsive user interfaces, SyncHR’s creative approach to HCM software questions the notion of what HR software should and should be. SyncHR aligns processes around the enterprise with more collaboration, clearer perspectives and clarity, and time-saving workflows.

SyncHR integrates the core functions of Human Capital Management. Our automated workflows, centralized data and position management across functions are essential efficiency solutions that eliminate manual data entry and costly data errors while empowering your employees to work faster, smarter, and on higher-value activities that move the customers business forward. Turnover can be the death of any organization. SyncHR offers tools like performance management, learning and development, and guided onboarding to boost retention through improved recruiting, education and performance monitoring. SyncHR HCM, in partnership with Instructure’s Bridge L&D platform, gives everyone in your organization the information and tools they need to cultivate a culture of excellence that achieves: Better recruiting, Higher retention, Lower absenteeism, Improved employee performance, Social recognition and employee satisfaction, Business innovation and creative problem solving and Improved financial performance.

SyncHR HCM also features a special job-based architecture that, even though an individual exit, holds all the details regarding a job or task in place. The permanence of the role-related data like salary and total compensation, responsibilities, or qualifications and automatic updates to your org chart makes it easier and faster to create a more comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date snapshot of your entire organization. Over the past 10 years the comany has assisted organizations across a wide range of industries and specialties with their unique HCM needs to drive better business performance. Even if the customers don’t see their specific industry listed here, the company work together to find the right solution to achieve their unique goals.


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