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Tri Junarso


PT WISESA LATIH INDONESIA is a private limited software development and human capital management consultant company founded in 2011.

Unique HCM Solution

In principle, there is no one-size-fits-all HCM Solution for every HR requirement. Today, customers experience different challenges; therefore, they don’t want to use a template. Capin was born to demonstrate human capital as a collection of resources, including the knowledge, talents, skills, abilities, experience, intelligence, training, judgment, and wisdom possessed by individuals embodied to produce economic value for the organization. “To grab the market, we offer customization for the need of each customer. For instance, automation in people development, such as training need analysis (TNA) along with training program, or automation of payroll or performance management,” says Tri Junarso, Founder & CEO of PT WISESA LATIH. “Other customer requires a solution for time management. Because he implements high flexible working time, up to 45 type of working time.”

“Capin wants to be the pioneer to present the solution of human capital management”

PT WISESA LATIH INDONESIA is a private limited software development and human capital management consultant company founded in 2011. The company empowers enterprises with Capin, a human capital management system (HCIS), to achieve world-class human capital management. Moving forward, the firm aims to initiate its unique hyper-smart ERP project comprising of over 3000 modules and integrate Capin with the upcoming ERP solutions. PT WISESA LATIH INDONESIA also plans to establish its footprint in Singapore and the US and gradually expand globally.

It balances employers’ and employees’ interests. It measures employee performance, profit generation and attracts employees with automated career tract and employee capitalization. At the same time, it balances the employer expectation, such as return on investments and effective organization. “There is no handbook of human capital management, while human resources management books are largely and easily found in the bookstore’s racks and online market. Capin wants to be the pioneer to present the solution of human capital management,” says Junarso.

Before implementing the Capin solution for any client, PT WISESA LATIH INDONESIA’s experience-rich team makes it a point to listen to the client and understand their requirements. “We request them to express any thought or new thoughts they have in mind and submit the documents they want to adopt in the solution during the first 30 days,” explains Junarso. “So that, it can be customized with no delay. We also provide the HCM solution with formula/ algorithm to ensure high quality analytics.”

Capin provides comprehensive performance management and development solutions that encourage people to learn and offer their organization expertise. Capin solution starts with an employee database and job profile. Using both features builds competency management, talent management, and leadership, and ends with promotion and employee (financial) valuation. By implementing these modules, employees are benefited in proper learning and development, career platform, and employee brand value, and at the same time, employers can find great employee outcomes in individual profit generation and the end, business profit.

Capin believes in the application’s operation as simple as WhatsApp - no operation manual needed for every user level, no operator certification, less brainwork, and handwork – users do not waste energy for thinking and typing, Implementing artificial intelligence, and low-cost structure. Capin advances innovation and technology - such as artificial intelligence, grab higher market share, becoming an employer of choice, and the best place for investors to invest their money. Capin provides users with Modules integrated/connected comprehensively like Facebook, “Human Capital Search Engine” platform like Google, Services for every HC’s need like Microsoft Office, and System where Users feel like blogging.

According to Junarso, there are two challenges that employees in the future will face, first, Human Capital Index,which is a measure of the economic value of an employee’s skill set. Secondly, whether the employer and customer want to buy employee outcomes or not. Since HCM is about creating value through people - anything is translated into economic value, such as revenue. In HCM, people are seen as value adders, not overheads. In Capin, employees are viewed as CAPITAL, not merely ASSET. On the other hand, Capin doesn’t consider people as products/commodities; conversely, it measures their competencies that generate financial value for both employers and employees. So, both parties are benefited in balance.


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