Vatsal Shah

CEO & Co-Founder





Vatsal Shah
CEO & Co-Founder, Litmus


Litmus empowers teams to get more from their entire marketing mix by putting email first. More than 700,000 users across industries, including 80% of the Fortune 100, rely on our solutions to test, analyze, and improve.

Offers to Simplify the Complex Challenges of IIoT

The only flexible and scalable edge platform that provides the essential data connectivity needed to gather, analyze, handle and integrate asset data at scale is Litmus for Industrial IoT. Litmus captures and legitimizes information from all channels, including PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian and sensors, and then sends comprehensive utilization to either cloud or enterprise application to provide a full data image to scale-up industrial processes. In order to provide a full data image for Industry 4.0 use cases ranging from Smart Manufacturing to Automotive IoT and Machine Learning, Litmus links to any data source. Customers include 10+ Fortune 500 manufacturing firms, while the company’s path to the market is expanded by partners such as Siemens, HPE, Intel, and SNC Lavalin.Litmus, based in Silicon Valley, California, was founded in 2014. With additional staff worldwide, the firm has opened offices in Toronto, Canada and Tokyo, Japan. With expertise with market giants such as HP, Dell, SNC-Lavalin, IBM, Cisco, Electronic Data Systems and more, Litmus has recruited some of the best minds in Industrial IoT. “We have the superior technical knowledge to help customers implement IIoT solutions in days instead of years.” says Vatsal Shah, Co-founder & CEO.

“We have the superior technical knowledge to help customers implement IIoT solutions in days instead of years.”

Since the beginning, Litmus has worked with the largest companies in the world, including customers like Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi and partners like Intel and HP. The company’s Intelligent Edge Computing Platform can scale to any size operation with ease. Using proprietary driver technology, the company team has created over 250+ drivers, the most in the industry, and continues to develop new drivers to ensure customers can quickly deploy Litmus and unlock the data they need to improve operations at scale. Litmus offers pre-built and custom data visualizations and analytics for quality, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance, OEE optimization and more. Litmus also ships with a flexible machine learning engine that can run any data model from any cloud or big data system including Microsoft, Google, AWS and Cloudera.

Only Litmus offers the software and framework required for any use case, such as process management, traceability and vision systems, to develop and deploy pre-built or custom applications. Litmus provides easy application deployment to every connected edge system with a centralized marketplace to store software, and docker containers to run apps. Litmus is an enterpriseclass edge network that can be distributed through hundreds of locations easily and safely. Litmus provides the versatility and autonomy consumers need to handle installations at scale, with unified management for all consumer edge products, a marketplace to host prebuilt and custom software, and an orchestration engine that can publish services to the edge.

Litmus practices a customer-centric product development approach by incorporating trusted customers into the company’s design and development process. Every new product and feature has been requested by the company’s customers so the company knows that it is solving the challenges they see in the field. Instead of offering generic IoT solutions, the company focuses on the industrial market to provide a ready-made solution that works from day one. The company has done the hard work with drivers, KPIs, and integration to Cloud and business applications so the customers can hit the ground running. “In addition to the company’s amazing team of IIoT experts, the company has partnered with the best companies in the company’s field to offer customers complete solutions they can feel comfortable with.” says Vatsal Shah, Co-founder & CEO.


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