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David Karp
CEO, CounterPath


CounterPath Unified Communications solutions are changing the face of telecommunications. An industry and user favorite, Bria® softphones for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Offers Better User Interface

CounterPath Digital Communications technologies are transforming the face of telecommunication. An industry and consumer favorite, Bria softphones for desktops, tablets, and handheld devices, along with Stretto Application cloud technologies, allow service providers, OEMs, and businesses worldwide to have smooth and cohesive communications experience across all networks. The Bria and Stretto combination allows a better user interface to overlay the most common UC and IMS telephony and application servers on the market today.

“CounterPath offers a wide variety of connectivity tools for medium to large organizations resulting in improved efficiency, cost-efficient mobility, and efficient collaboration”

The company’s goal is to be a VoIP technology provider that empowers people to link, interact, and collaborate across audio, video, messaging, and presence-on multiple devices, through various channels and across fixed and mobile networks. CounterPath licenses its products to distributors who, in essence, distribute them to their market and enterprise client base. CounterPath collects licensing revenue per seat or user and revenue from growth, installation, and help.

CounterPath allows Service Providers to launch robust VoIP services that can drive long-term sustainability and customer loyalty. CounterPath’s audio, visual, appearance, and IM apps can be provided cost-effectively, while innovative branding technologies ensure the carrier’s corporate identity pledge is easily applied to the end consumer device. CounterPath offers a wide variety of connectivity tools for medium to large organizations resulting in improved efficiency, cost-efficient mobility, and efficient collaboration. Enterprise specifications and deployment expectations are fulfilled with personalized technologies or off-the-shelf devices and frameworks that fit new generation IP-telephony or legacy telephony investments.

CounterPath provides collaborative corporate alliances to support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Network Infrastructure Suppliers create strategies that can improve recovery efforts around the communications industry. Through leveraging the experience of CounterPath’s VoIP area, technological skills, and comprehensive software and development platform set, OEMs can rapidly build and launch SIP applications within the overall VoIP solution package. CounterPath works with Value Added Resellers to offer managed services and help create scalable, end-to-end Digital Communications systems that can be tailored for different corporate and small business clients.

The contact centre sector is going to experience massive changes. The growing pressure to migrate “to the cloud,” companies need to prepare for potential call centre needs in a scalable manner. With today’s technologies, businesses may use cloud connectivity tools to create a centralized, stable workforce – whether in a single location, multiple regional locations, or home-based employees. Cloud-based applications, real-time networking, and communication tools allow agents to be contacted regardless of venue. Agents and callers may communicate in the same as they will with a typical workplace, but have the versatility of additional satellite offices or even remote staff in a safe and accessible fashion.

IT and administration personnel can quickly and effectively deliver, install, and maintain Bria programs from the cloud using CounterPath Stretto Provisioning. Agents will quickly login with a username and password, and call accounts and configurations are ready to go.

CounterPath made me realize as their performance relied on my progress – a real collaboration. It is unusual for you to introduce a commodity as an essential part of a corporate plan like this without thinking about running up your service tickets and spending money to handle it. CounterPath has always moved past my business and will be a respected seller for many years to come.


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