Kimberly L. Smith

CEO & Director





Kimberly L. Smith
CEO & Director, Yodel


Yodel delivers millions of parcels every week to every postcode across the UK. That’s why we have more than 50 sites nationwide to help get your parcel delivered on time

Delivers Affordable Telecommunications Facilities

Yodel Technology Services Platform is worldwide and can also be used overseas. The business provides the most affordable telecommunications facilities available. Yodel Technology Services is not only a hardware business. With decades of success in selling goods, the organization is committed to recognizing both verticals and markets. This encourages the organization to better approach a customer strategy in the right manner because it has previously worked in the markets and knows its actions.

“Yodel is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, one which combines classic management consulting with expertise”

The company’s research team has been interested in developing a range of dialers, voice transmission, and CRM technologies. The organization has put together decades of experience to develop a genuinely revolutionary managed system that is a wholly optimized Dialer, Avatar, and CRM system. The company’s mission is to optimize your campaign, Migration from your current dialer to Yodel, Fully customizable, Customized Dialing, and Full Call Center Solution. “Yodel is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, one which combines classic management consulting with expertise.” says Kimberly L. Smith, CEO, Director, Yodel. Experts in designing proven campaigns that maximize the company’s clients’ growth and profitability. Yodels’ team of professional management will guide the users every step of the way. Yodel is a world-class Human Powered A.I. Technology that is built upon proprietary soundboard and dialer technology.

Yodel has been a leader in the LeadGen market for years. “Our experience in sourcing data, or leveraging your data to quality and transfer warm leads to your closing teams(s) is what has set Yodel apart for years.” says Kimberly L. Smith, CEO, Director, Yodel. Yodel leverages Artificial Intelligence to deliver the optimal answer at the crucial moment, improving the agent’s ability to help drive the dialogue in the right direction for better outcomes and customer loyalty. Yodel has developed patented soundboard technologies that enable smooth communication between Yodels Human Driven A.I. Agents and the Prospects or Customers consumers. Yodel’s conversational A.I. provides a 1: 1 interaction with the human understanding that delivers successful and content controlled service directly to consumers or prospects.

As an innovative technology in Market Research / CX rooms, Yodel is rapidly gaining momentum for the company’s ability to generate customer responses cost-effectively and profitably. Leveraging Yodels improved survey and analysis capabilities to improve users’ current testing techniques fantastically to push response and track results. Market goods come and go, and online retailers are exceptionally bright. Yodel has an established track record of skilled driving leads to the centres to help you navigate the shopping landscape and attract qualified customers today. HealthCare’s ever-changing world needs a leader who recognizes the needs of consumer sectors. Yodel can quickly produce and recommend clients who require health benefits, social security needs, Medicare Extension, etc.

Suppose it’s Auto Insurance, Final Bill, Life & Health Insurance, and more. Yodel has the potential to help plan a strategy to attract more eligible customers to the agents easily. From credit restoration and debt restructuring, student loans, personal loans, rentals, and more, Yodel can find the best clients and financial options to satisfy consumers’ needs.


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