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Bill Mulholland
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ARC is a mobility company that provides VIP customer service to the relocating employee and the employer. Our in-house training programs and top tier partnerships place us in the mobility industry as the “best of the best!”

Transforming the Relocation Industry

One of the biggest challenges’ customers face today in the corporate relocation arena is the volatility of the real estate market (especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic). Buying and selling homes in this uncertain time have proven to be a pain point for all. In such a trying time, Virginia-based American Relocation Connections (ARC) Relocation has helped reduce costs and increased efficiencies for the clients by using their experience, unique products, and services.

“ARC’s proprietary technology (for both the client and the transferee) offers features not offered by any other relocation company’s technology”

ARC’s expertise and understanding of the local US real estate market comes from constantly transacting in each market while supporting employee relocations in every state each month. ARC’s system generates metrics from each transaction and weighs years of experience allowing for ARC to expertly advise clients and transferees on best practices and current trends. For example, ARC has direct insight into the mid COVID-19 pandemic market surge. Currently the US market is surging with low interest rates and limited inventory resulting in increased home values and record low days on market. Not only is ARC able to advise clients and transferees on current market trends but ARC is also able to leverage our past data and experience to advise on policy revisions and best practices to account for future changes and corrections.

ARC was founded in 2004 to initially service the Federal Law Enforcement communities (specifically the FBI, DEA, and The United States Secret Service). The ARC founders noticed several voids in the relocation industry, within relocation companies, and a call for new products and higher levels of customer service to the client. The belief was that if ARC delivered these highly needed products and provided the level of service the clients needed and wanted - ARC would be a huge success. Focusing on key areas such as: adapting to the client, technology, reporting, customer service, innovative/creative products/solutions, and most importantly, personalizing the relocation process ARC opened for business.

ARC’s proprietary technology (for both the client and the transferee) offers features not offered by any other relocation company’s technology. In ARC’s “portal,” an effort to embrace ARC’s mission to “personalize,” the relocation process has been created. Many social media features such as profile pictures, bios, a “like” and “comment” feature all allow for a more personalized and interactive user experience. ARC’s proprietary software embraces artificial intelligence to help transferees quickly and easily plan their relocation. For example, ARC provides a self-driven software that allows the transferee to estimate their shipment weight and immediately view pricing for local, domestic, and international moves! This is perfect for Lump Sum, Capped Budget, and Capped Weight relocation policies.

Their premier technology, ARCmoves, is an all-inclusive database that covers every aspect of the relocation process, including; home sale assistance, equity calculations, destination service tracking, referral management, household goods, temporary living, expense management, and GrossUp calculations, as well as full accounting and payroll system integration. The system is modularized and fosters a collaborative service delivery environment by giving all stakeholders, from the transferee to the end supplier, access to a single, real-time database.

ARCMoves has improved the relocation process for many of their clients in many ways. In 2019 ARC facilitated a large group move to Puerto Rico. In efforts to align themselves with the client and abide by their relocation policies, ARC had to develop new contacts on the island. Although they had relocated transferees to the island in the past, this new project required a unique insight into the real estate market and specific destination service provider relationships. The client’s problems were closing costs, the time of which the home was one the market, and a growing lack of confidence in destination service providers on the island. Bill took it upon himself to fly to the island himself and remedy the issues. “Through our intensive partnerships and negotiations with providers, ARC was able to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for the client, resulting in a 99% satisfaction survey score!” he says.

In January of 2021, ARC became the first relocation management company to begin recording “smart contracts” in the Ethereum BlockChain to document relocation key data in a natural setting that cannot later be altered. Examples of the data include but are not limited to service dates, quoted pricing, to and from locations, condition of goods, and more. One of the most important initiatives to highlight about ARC is their commitment to becoming a true partner. “In that spirit ARC’s mission is to become an extension of you, the client, by embracing your culture, your values, your immediate mission and your long term goals; To be your relocation subject matter expert, and as such, protect your best interests and remain committed to being flexible and providing streamlined processes; Always providing V.I.P. “white glove” customer service, always controlling costs, always embracing innovation and always providing stateof-the-art technology, to ultimately exceed all expectations,” says Bill.

Bill foresees ARC Relocation adapting to industry changes and challenges regarding mortgage rates and people starting to assume mortgages due to rates being at an all-time low and future rate being on the rise. “This will be the first-time people have “assumed a mortgage” in approximately 20 years. As such we are advising our clients now to incorporate mortgage “assumption” policies in the relocation policy,” he explains. “In addition to mortgage products, we see ourselves anticipating more changes in the household goods (HHG) industry. HHG pricing may be on the rise as demand has far outpaced the industry supply chain.”


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