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The purpose of Altair 2.0 is to challenge our employees to rethink how we conduct our daily business. The goal is to make our jobs easier and the company an even better place to work.

Offers Global Mobility Services to Corporate Clients

Altair Global has been providing outstanding mobility experiences to clients and consumers worldwide since 1989. Supported by advanced, dynamic technologies, our emphasis on experience management in our full-service multinational assignment and relocation services fuels quality development and creativity. Altair Global is one of the largest, independent relocation management companies based in the United States. Altair services are coordinated from U.S. regional service centers in Frisco, Texas; Shelton, Connecticut; Walnut Creek, California; and Minnetonka, Minnesota. We have global offices in London, Paris, Brussels, Dublin and The Hague, as well as Singapore and Shanghai. “Our goal is to deliver a seamless, customized relocation experience for every employee. These features will help make that goal a reality for you and your relocating talent.” says Chad Sterling, Chief Executive Officer.

“Our goal is to deliver a seamless, customized relocation experience for every employee. These features will help make that goal a reality for you and your relocating talent.”

With a change of address, a migration stops, but the indicator of its progress is more than the destination. This is a ride. The performance starts and ends with Experience Management for Altair Global (XM). The teams have insight into any current relocation across Altair’s insightful framework. The business will personalize every step and task and path accurately where appropriate by gathering the data at moments that matter. With the predictive analytics capability of the platform, XM not only cares for individual needs and changes, the organization helps consumers to see new patterns and extend those lessons to their whole package. The industry-leading network of Altair helps transform any relocation and assignment into the next adventure of client employees. Via this highly-visual, at-a-glance vision, the company’s team of specialists records any ongoing relocation and assignment. This helps the organization to see how every change is going, every step of the way.

The company has been able to become the leading, autonomous, multinational provider of product solutions that are customized for any initiative through listening to customers. Throughout Altair’s history, client requirements have perfected our processes and inspired the company to develop a methodology that values flexibility and accountability. Altair chooses team members who are well-rounded, knowledgeable, caring and gives them the resources and atmosphere to excel. The business also spends considerable capital in a specified and results-oriented framework for cultivating talent. When consumers start working with the company, the outcomes are clear: greater loyalty and improved efficiency for the workers, and less logistical pressure for the customers. “Our global platform allows clients to choose either regional or centralized management from any of our service centers around the world.” says Chad Sterling, Chief Executive Officer. The company also offers an exceptionally welldefined global compensation management service that provides the quality of the Big Four firms, but without the high cost. Providing an in-house compensation team with years of experience handling complex global programs allows for direct oversight and compliance management, while standardizing the collection and reporting of the clients total global spend.

By spending time and money, the organization creates strategic solutions that facilitate modern systems that optimize everything: customer and information processing, decreased logistical efforts, and decreased costs. Altair is committed to advancing our business and our market as a whole. One instance of the industryleading thought leadership of Altair is the company’s Momentum Survey Collection.


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