Alvaro Pesce

Founder & General Manager





Alvaro Pesce
Founder & General Manager, MasterBase


MasterBase® Process Automation Platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer engagement.

Steadily Builds Automatic Processes of their Own

MasterBase was founded in 2001 to respond to the need for businesses to boost their success in the digital environment. From its inception, MasterBase’s goal has been to simplify the use of email as a contact medium while optimizing its productivity by increasing its distribution pace, ensuring that consumers of the company can concentrate on expanding their market, allowing them to retain, build and improve long-term relationships with their clients. This helped the business to expand at a steady rate, both in number of customers and geographically, and to launch operations in different markets on the continent, to become a benchmark for the digital communications industry in Latin America, with a projection to the United States and Europe. However, beyond the company’s own growth, MasterBase focuses the challenge on increasing the quality of consumer interactions and, as a result, the success of their companies.

“We’re all marketers who have sat in the hot seat. We believe marketing should be fun and rewarding. We strive to take you there by helping you deliver great results.”

To this end, MasterBase concentrated on importance, leveraging technology that simplify digital messaging and deliver new knowledge to members of the organization in order to develop relevant messages targeted at dimensioned profiles. As a result of the learning and knowledge gained, the organization quickly started designing automated systems that had accomplished other goals and were specific to the most complex fields within the company, improving workflows.

MasterBase’s ever-evolving process automation platform is crucial to unlocking the company’s growth potential, as effective process configuration helps consumers to simplify and ensure the smoothness and precision of all processes involved in the business process. Today, MasterBase’s innovative platform enables companies to adopt digital transformation quickly and efficiently. MasterBase Process Automation Platform helps companies transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual manual and error, decrease costs and enhance customer experience. The organization supports businesses, regardless of scale, sector or market purpose, to promote the deployment of our automation process technologies to produce drastic outcomes that mitigate regulatory risks and improve productivity, development and profitability.

With over 20 years of collective expertise in the field of telecommunications, computing, commercial and marketing, MasterBase’s team of leaders is committed to supplying all consumers with the latest technologies for creativity, innovative innovations and great customer support. “We are a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals from the technological, marketing and communications areas. We have accumulated years of experience assisting highly recognized companies in the market.” says Alvaro Pesce, Founder and General Manager.To this end, the company has maintained the highest standards and made MasterBase’s success.

MasterBase recognizes that for organizations, of all shapes and sizes, and for each field within them, to achieve unparalleled effectiveness and performance, processes that do not actually produce the required value need to be standardized on the most intelligent process automation platform and the Intuitive that has ever been developed for such results. In MasterBase’s own work, the organization wanted to centralize the details and express the work carried out in a number of areas. The organization has used third-party tools that have not been developed to allow the customization or precision they need. The company has also faced payrolls that only one person understands, stored on a computer that nobody else has access to, and all the problems derived from it.


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