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John Dickson
CEO, Denim


Since 2001, we have helped our clients create resilient software that can be deployed to withstand attacks. We do this across the portfolio of software that clients have, and we do it at scale across the enterprise.

Provides Tools to Empower Marketers in Regulated Industries

Denim Social is a social media marketing software business that offers tools to enable advertisers in regulated sectors to handle organic social media content and paid social media ads on a single site. Trusted by more than 250 institutions in retail, finance, mortgage and asset management, Denim Social allows brands to involve customers in social media, expand partnerships with societies, and close more transactions while ensuring conformity. Denim Social is the first ABA-sponsored social media management network for banks and financial services companies. Denim makes ads personal, on a scale. Crafted with today’s mobile users in mind, Denim’s proprietary, datadriven platform saves time and money by empowering marketing teams to tailor and scale micro-targeted mobile advertising campaigns on behalf of multiple locations and local service providers. With a focus on delivering a simple and intuitive experience, Denim not only delivers results, it’s enjoyable to use.

“Denim’s enterpriseready platform, streamlined implementation, and best-in-class security mean you’ll be up and running in no time.”

If consumers advertise with their elected members, multi-location brands, branch offices, direct-toconsumer or create brand recognition, using Promotions is the fastest and most intuitive marketing manager ever. Advertise the brand of consumers in all markets that the company covers with the easiest and most intuitive platform. Micro-target mobile and social ad campaigns to reach your audiences in neighborhoods, zip codes, cities, DMAs, states, provinces, or regions that customers’ company serves. Build brand awareness, product consideration, and conversion using a platform that is built for brand and direct-to-consumer marketers. Create and execute local mobile advertising campaigns for hundreds or thousands of places – all on one site in minutes. Each local advertising shall be distributed directly from the location or local official in their local market. The first solution to dynamically optimize smartphone ads across many locations, on a scale. Smart Campaigns checks marketing variables and dynamically allocates the budget to high-performance advertising in any location. The first-ever solution for automatically optimizing mobile advertising across multiple locations, at scale. Smart Campaigns tests campaign variables and automatically allocates your budget to top-performing ads in every location. Even the most finely conceived ad advertisement will fall flat on its face if it isn’t presented to the right person. The intuitive Audiences product allows corporate marketers to create a range of customer categories to suit their needs. They can use data gathered from digital and social customer activity to create on-the-fly audiences – or start with a contact list and offer targeted ads to customers or consumers like them.

Easy-to-understand analytics helps business advertisers to view real-time campaign data and exchange local feedback with participating users in only two clicks. These perspectives offer useful knowledge on the impact and ROI of campaigns and contribute to smarter decisions. Dramatically raise the conversion rate with the post-click landing page and s right interactions that are consistent with the preclick goals. Build hundreds of custom landing pages in minutes for use in brand and local digital campaigns. Optimize and develop digital marketing insight using a marketing analytics tool that makes decision-making actionable. “Denim’s enterprise-ready platform, streamlined implementation, and best-in-class security mean you’ll be up and running in no time.” says John Dickson, CEO. Denim helps contractors and agents to catch skilled leads-while leaving the messaging to specialists. The Denim website empowers advertisers to develop and launch localized campaigns on behalf of individual consultants and agents.


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