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Remi Aubert
Co-founder, AB Tasty


AB Tasty is a customer experience optimization company. We help brands build better user experiences and unlock new levels of possibilities, faster.

Customer Experience Optimization Company

AB Tasty is a forum for consumer interface optimization, with features such as experimentation, customization and product enhancement to streamline the customer’s path along the purchaser’s journey. If their KPI is a quick conversion, membership or frequency of usage, the company’s software is engineered to maximize any digital touchpoint from a paying landing page to a smartphone checkout. The company’s backend is hard lifting, with elements such as automated data processing, industry-leading mathematical models and deep learning. The interface of the business, on the other hand, is structured for ease of use and optimized around the inimitable feedback of human imagination so that consumers can deploy their winning experiences—fast. AB Tasty is a global provider of customer experience optimization software, with 10 offices around the world and more than 240 employees. Current customers include Ashley Furniture, Kiehl’s, Sephora, USA Today, YSL Beauty, and over 900 others. AB Tasty makes companies take this exam to understand their way of thinking and build customer services that lift the bar and the ROI.

“Our easy-to-use platform helps you kickstart campaigns in days, not months. Which is just one of the reasons why we get you to a higher ROI faster than anyone else.”

With built-in AI and automation, the company’s experimentation, customization, and feature management infrastructure helps marketing, product, and technology teams to easily develop richer digital environments for consumers. “Our easy-to-use platform helps you kickstart campaigns in days, not months. Which is just one of the reasons why we get you to a higher ROI faster than anyone else.” says Rémi Aubert, Co-founder. With a record growth in the market, AB Tasty is an experience optimization approach driven by a suite of experimentation and customization tools, powerful analytics, and deep learning. AB Tasty offers marketing and product departments with an easy-to-use tool that can optimize interactive journeys that convert guests into consumers, subscribers or administrators by delivering superior customer service. Company allows the consumer product team to place customers at the forefront of the product plan while allowing engineers to execute code more efficiently. Centralizing all consumers with deployments and experiments on a single dashboard allows development and technical departments to remain agile. AB Tasty supports your API and SDK strategy. The company delivers everything you need for experimentation, personalization, and feature management, leveraging CDN’s all over the world and enabling a bucketing or API approach based on edge location. Through the company’s powerful AI capabilities and CDP and data lake integrations, create granular user segments for the customers experiments.

Customer engagement departments provide localized assistance and tailored feedback to each consumer so that clients can bypass the learning curve and start testing out experiments, collect information and personalize user experience straight away. Master the right test and master methodologies for building top-notch customer interfaces that fuel conversions. Advanced workshops and CRO certifications can deepen customer expertise and boost team performance. Over the past few months, AB Tasty has made a concerted investment in its partners. The company’s partner team is now made up of 8 (and growing) individuals around the globe focused solely on two key aspects of the business: customers and shared customers. With this new round of investment, the company is committed to an increased focus on the partners and building on their company’s past successes.


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