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Ryan Vong
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At Digital Pi, we’ve brought together a diverse team of experienced Marketo consultants who live and breathe all things marketing technology — so you don’t have to.

Works to Extract Real Benefit from Marketing and Automation Technologies

Digital Pi is made up of marketing and technology experts who aim to help companies gain rapid, meaningful value from marketing automation and related digital marketing technologies. The company’s customers include off-the-shelf start-ups and some of the world’s leading marketing automation firms strategically, and all in between. The company’s clients include startups coming out of stealth mode to some of the largest global enterprises deploying marketing automation strategically, and everything in between.

“We’re all marketers who have sat in the hot seat. We believe marketing should be fun and rewarding. We strive to take you there by helping you deliver great results.”

Marketing automation is at the forefront of what the company does. The group knows how to integrate communications campaigns, procedures, data and software to make marketing automation work for business customers. “We’re all marketers who have sat in the hot seat. We believe marketing should be fun and rewarding. We strive to take you there by helping you deliver great results.” says Ryan Vong, Founder. Technology + Marketing + Business Know-how. Customers have to know the technology and how to get to the business requirements; the company practices the lost art of listening and asking the right questions to discern your needs, always keeping an eye on revenue.

Digital Pi has pulled together a dynamic team of seasoned Marketo experts who live and breathe all kinds of marketing technology—so consumers don’t have to. With specialized skills in Marketo and other leading marketing automation systems such as Pardot and Eloqua, the company’s hands-on practice has evolved from a continual period of research, testing and development. Marketing is a journey—not a one-time, set-it-and-forget initiative. In order to build a strong B2B marketing automation foundation, customer marketing efforts need to be scalable, repeatable and measurable. And that’s not that easy. Careful preparation, measured technological execution, constant supervision, careful evaluation and, of course, versatility are required.

From the company’s cumulative experience with hundreds of martech stacks of companies, the company has established our Gold Standard best marketing automation practices to accomplish these goals. Digital Pi frequently discusses problems relevant to the deployment techniques of the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). From the vanguard of best practice marketing activities, we frequently post these thought leading pieces.

Digital Pi is working to extract tangible benefits from marketing technologies and automation for your company. The organization claims that martech tools are at the intersection of every type of marketing, from content management to messaging. With the company’s relentless focus on using technology to connect revenue to the pipeline, Digital Pi fuses marketing strategies, processes, data and applications to make marketing technology solutions work for your business. The organization helps customers identify the business goals they expect in simple words, and then uses the company’s experience of communications technologies to help them accomplish their objectives. They soon discover the advantages of using the team’s deep, accumulated knowledge to save time, minimize costs and drive sales.

Digital Pi marketing automation squad of professionals has more martech expertise than any other on the planet. The company’s career marketing team at the forefront of the marketing automation movement provides timely, meaningful content and thought leadership to marketing planning and marketing processes audiences. “We are a team of driven marketing professionals who love marketing, technology, people and problem solving. We work with B2B and B2C marketers to define their endgame, and implement strategic solutions to achieve these goals.” says Ryan Vong, Founder.


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