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Wojciech Szymanski
CEO, Ideo Force


We create brand images, create engaging content, increase reach and improve conversions. We come from the Interactive Agency and Internet Software House - Ideo, existing since 1999.

Creating Globally Renowned Brands

Wojciech Szymanski, CEO of Ideo Force, is armed with strong determination and a steadfast attitude, which has lead to him becoming one of the most sought leaders in the industry. But it wasn’t always easy. He treats difficulties as challenges. “From the beginning, I had a clear vision, but of course it was important to react to changes in the market and customer expectations. I always try to have lots of ideas. I’m looking for development opportunities. I try to see opportunities and not threats,” explains Szymanski.

“From the beginning, I had a clear vision, but of course it was important to react to changes in the market and customer expectations”

During IT studies, Szymanski got to know PR and marketing, although websites’ positioning was no stranger to him. “I wanted to prove myself in a software house, and so I started working as a positioning specialist at Ideo. At that time, SEO was only gaining in popularity, and with it, customer interest,” explains Szymanski. “I also explored marketing during my studies. This topic was still in the area of my interests. I was entrusted with the development of the Department of Search Engines Promotion in Ideo. I started with customer acquisition.” The department developed rapidly, so the next task was to recruit new employees. Everything was going so smoothly that it was time to devote ourselves to e-marketing activities. The establishment of an agency focusing on network marketing was a natural consequence of the promotion department’s results. It could not be stopped. We have created - Ideo Force - digital marketing agency. Our company perfectly know the interactive industry and online reality. We have been analysing and discovering customers’ needs for over 18 years. In Ideo Force we are familiar with current trends, we meet consumers’ expectations and market’s demands. We follow the latest technology and marketing news. This is why, we can always provide tailor-made and effective solutions.

Szymanski and his team have created brand images, created engaging content, increased reach, and improved conversions for numerous clients. They start by focusing on analyzing the current situation and where they witness gaps or opportunities for improvement, intensifying their activities. “We operate on many levels. Sometimes one service complements another. It happens that we combine positioning with User Experience, or paid ads in social media with those in the search engine,” says Szymanski. “Everything is a matter of arrangements with the client, research prior to design work and efficient communication during cooperation. Our clients have constant contact with the project manager and access to information at every stage of work.”

Szymanski discussing one of the company’s clients, Wolters Kluwer, says this project’s results were crucial for the client in terms of the web site’s position, concerning the combination of a dozen or so information websites that operated on different domains and subdomains into one website. The Wolters Kluwer brand, one of the largest publishers globally, has received comprehensive support in e-marketing, including positioning, Google Ads, social media performance campaigns, push communication, and sales assistance through price comparison websites. As a result, sales, transaction value (by 78 percent during the year), and audience engagement increased month by month, and organic traffic on the site also increased by 50 percent during the year. “Here, I must mention that the team and fluent communication played a special role - many specialists from various fields joined their forces,” adds Szymanski. “We certainly don’t stop and take shortcuts. We are constantly training and establishing cooperation, which is confirmed by certificates, including Google Premier Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Allegro Ads Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner.”

Szymanski ensures that they work towards their commitment to what they do in the best way, and broadening their knowledge results in the best way possible. “We treat our clients’ successes as our own. We believe that they need our work and it depends on us to what extent their plans will be realized,” he adds. “I am convinced that marketing can do a lot of good in business. You just need to know how to use it. I would like to add that business does not have opportunities and events that cannot be turned into opportunities.” Flexibility helps the steadfast leader and his team with this, but being open to innovation is as important as adapting to change. Szymanski always encourages entrepreneurs to introduce new solutions and advises future leaders to bet on people. “Work with professionals, but give a chance to people who want to learn with you,” he says. “In both cases, pay attention to the character and attitude that you will not change at the later stages of your involvement in the organization. Not everyone has to agree with you. Receive feedback, but learn to distinguish constructive criticism from judgements that don’t have much to do with reality.”

For the days to come, Szymanski and his team are constantly working towards developing their solutions and culminating in the best partner for their clients. “For us it has always been our vision and mission to give our client the best solutions and we know it is a continuous process with us. This year, we will focus a little more on the greater automation of marketing solutions - both in terms of the development of our own systems and interactions.”


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