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Founder & Co-Chairman

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John Mattone
Founder & Co-Chairman, John Mattone Global-Inc


John Mattone is the world’s top executive coach and the co-founder of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise (ILEC).

Meet the World’s Top Executive Coach

Meet John Mattone, the World’s Top Executive Coach, Founder of John Mattone Global, Inc., and Two Other Game-Changing Leadership Development Companies.

Who is John Mattone?

I am most proud of my family. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Gayle, for 42 years. I met her at 15 years old, just before we went into our junior year in HS. We dated through HS and got married upon college graduation. We have four grown children—Jared, who is in the US Navy, Nicholas who works at JMG as our Chief Relationship Officer; Kristina, a talented 5th- grade teacher; and Matthew, who works for JMG as our Chief Operations Officer. We have four grandchildren as well.

Professionally, I am humbly recognized as the world’s top executive coach. I am 64 years old. After graduate school, I worked in the corporate world before striking out on my own at 30years old. From 30-40, I ran my first consulting firm—Mattone Enterprises—and I traveled the globe, delivering speeches and seminars.

"I am proud that our Mission to “change the world one leader, one organization at a time” is being realized through our three companies and by us staying laser- focused on what we call our Intelligent Leadership (IL) philosophy"

I delivered over 1500 in those ten years and wrote two books—both of which were unsuccessful. Even though my company survived, it was challenging for me to raise four children while being gone 75% of the time. I put tremendous pressure on Gayle being gone so much and looking back much of that decade, and I would say I was motivated by my ego and search for acclaim and recognition. I was selfish in many respects, and my journey was a lot about me and what I could do to bolster my ego. In the end, my damaged ego and drained bank account led me back to the corporate world, where I was able to rebuild myself over the next 14 years. Most of my 14 years were spent in HR and leadership consulting in various leadership roles such as Regional Sales Manager, SVP of Sales, President, etc. Even though I was able to do well and support my family, I still had the typical ups and downs many people go through in business. I got fired once and was laid off twice in those 14 years, and through the ups and down’s I was able to grow and become tougher—resilient. I had good bosses and bad ones. I had many successes and failures along the way—in retrospect, if it wasn’t for these 14 years in the corporate world, there is no way I would have become the person and professional I have become—said with deep humility.

It was ten years ago, at 54, when I experienced a “calling” to go back and do what I was put on the earth to do. I remember telling my wife of the message I received, and I asked her, “Do you support this”? She said, “Yes! Just make sure you do it better this time around!”

This was all I needed to hear. I realized that my biggest mistake was that I considered my own life’s journey was all about me—what I could accomplish and what I could amass. But I was wrong. It hit me like a ton of bricks that my life’s journey was not about me. I realized I was put on the earth, not to bolster and massage my ego. No. I realized at 54 years old- --yes, better late than never—that I was all human beings— are put on the earth to serve others selflessly, and we must touch the hearts, minds, and souls of those in our life every day. Upon this massive realization, I was able to define what leadership truly is. It was upon this realization that I was able to transform my personal and professional life positively.

Tell us about John Mattone Global, Inc. (JMG)?

My wife and I co-founded John Mattone Global, Inc. in September of 2011. JMG has grown over the years into a multi- million dollar “holding company” that houses my brand— which includes my speaking and executive retreat offerings, my CEO executive coaching offerings, our leadership development offerings, which includes our online leadership academy, our franchise offering, our media division which includes my books, blog, TV and podcast interviews, and our JMG Intellectual Property division which houses our IP—we own eight registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO). In early 2016, we hired our first employee, our son Nicholas and now we have six full- time employees. We have worked with over 500 global clients from 53 countries. I have personally worked with and coached the late Steve Jobs, Roger Enrico, Chairman and CEO— PepsiCo, Bill Logue, CEO of FedEx Freight—FedEx, Daniel Reed, Chairman, and CEO—UnitedLex, Armando Uriegas, President—Nielsen LATAM, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Managing Director of the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund and Chairman of Saudi Aramco, etc. In 2020, we partnered with Terry Powell, the visionary founder of the Entrepreneur’s Source, to launch Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC), the world’s first franchise dedicated solely to executive and leadership coaching. We now have 10 US-based ILEC franchises with significant growth plans in the US and Internationally in 2021 and beyond. We also launched in 2020 Intelligent Leadership Online Academy, LLC (ILOA).

Looking back on the last ten years and your many successes, what are you most proud of? & You are most known for “Intelligent Leadership”—can you explain?

I am extremely proud that we seem to be making a positive impact in the world. I am proud that our Mission to “change the world one leader, one organization at a time” is being realized through our three companies and by us staying laser-focused on what we call our Intelligent Leadership (IL) philosophy. The IL philosophy is that a leader’s inner-core (soul) drives their outer-core (skills and behaviors). Therefore, if a leader is strong mature, and vibrant in their soul, there is a higher probability of greatness “spilling” to their outer core to be experienced by those around them. Conversely, if a leader’s inner-core is weak and immature, there is a higher probability that weakness and immaturity will spill over to their outer- core. The IL philosophy challenges leaders at all levels to positively ignite their heart, soul, and mind together, so they lead and live a life at home and work that reflects the values of altruism, achievement, affiliation, and abundance. The 4 A’s are the seeds of greatness as a leader and securing your legacy.

I am also proud that we have learned to scale a personal brand. I am very aware that this is perhaps the biggest challenge for individual brands in the field that I am in—leadership and coaching. The vast majority of personal brands struggle to scale their businesses. There are some successes out there, like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and others who could figure out their algorithm for scaling and growing their businesses. I believe we did as well---as it is clear now, looking back at creating my IL philosophy and replicable IL coaching process and proprietary tools became the foundation for launching our Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Franchise. We are now able to multiply our effectiveness and, therefore, revenues with this powerful formula. Besides, while the global pandemic has stymied many industries, we saw an opportunity with businesses worldwide having their employees work from home and still the need to grow current and future leaders, the need to bring world-class leadership development to them virtually. We created Intelligent Leadership Online Academy (ILOA)—based on my philosophy and principles and have successfully launched this Company and program— yet another positive way to scale and grow “hands-off.”

I am proud that my wife and I created an endowed scholarship fund in my name at the University of Central Florida, where I graduated in 1980 with an MS in Industrial/ Organizational (I/O) Psychology – The John Mattone Graduate Fund for Leadership & Coaching is awarded annually to a deserving Master’s or Ph.D. I/O Psychology student who demonstrates financial need while and great promise and potential in coaching and leadership. Lastly, I am proud that my sons have grown tremendously as people and professionals are integral members of our team. Of course, I am also proud of our other team members’ amazing work—Trevor, Sean, and Dr. Mike.

Where are your companies going in the next five years?

We are committed to continuing to strengthen the John Mattone and John Mattone Global brand. We believe that as this brand goes, so goes the strength of ILEC and ILOA. We will accomplish this the same way we have the past few years. I am publishing my 10th book in 2021, “The Executive Coach’s Handbook,” and in 2022, we are publishing a book that will feature my work with one of the top millennial CEO’s in the Middle East and the world who has built a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate. I will continue to do TV and podcast interviews and, of course, continue my speaking at some of the world’s top events. We believe the APAC region offers tremendous expansion opportunities for all three of our brands, and so, therefore, we are early in discussions to explore investment partnerships to help us grow our position in this massive market. We are also looking to add a CEO of JMG APAC who can lead these efforts.

In terms of ILEC, working in partnership with Terry Powell and a team, we are poised to continue our growth of this incredible franchise offering in the US and International markets. We firmly believe that we will grow ILEC to over 100 franchisees in the US in the next 3-4 years and expand into India, the Middle East, and APAC.

Finally, we believe ILOA will continue to grow as we take advantage of our Enterprise marketing and sales strategy— utilizing our growing ILEC franchisee base to bring ILOA to their markets. We will also take advantage of the massive one-off market where individual leaders want to grow their leadership skills through their investment. We believe our price points for ILOA are affordable both for Enterprise and Individual sales. We will continue to expand ILOA by offering 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 versions so we can go “deep” with our satisfied clients.

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