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Karlin Sloan
Founder & CEO, Sloan Group International


Sloan Group International offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to create solutions to your leadership development challenges.

Inspiring Leadership

Corporations globally contend with rapid change, including an increasingly virtual employee base and new ways of managing and motivating teams. As our global cultures are rocked by division and upheaval, leaders in organizations need to bring diverse teams together and create unity of purpose and a supportive environment conducive to real results. Sloan Group International (SGI) knows just how to help.

"SGI is committed to delivering best in class services with a cohort of top tier practitioners. “It doesn’t make us the largest in our sector, it makes us the highest quality"

Founded in 2000, SGI has been the secret behind the throne for senior executives in technology, healthcare, finance, media, professional services, and packaged goods. They started in New York City as a small group of executive coaches working specifically with strategic decision-makers with great technical expertise in their fields to lead people effectively and get better business results. They started at the forefront of Executive Coaching in organizations and pioneered coaching at the top of the Fortune 1000. After the global financial crisis in 2008, they launched their proprietary Resilience at Work research and ass essment tool and became known for their ongoing work in creating individual and organizational resilience in the face of change. In 2012 SGI went global and currently has consultants on five continents. Over their 20 years of business, SGI has won numerous awards for excellence in executive coaching, change management consulting, and leadership development programming. “Most recently we’ve been honored by HR Tech for our tech innovations, and we’re thrilled to bring our online ‘Inspiring Leadership’ platform to organizations worldwide,” says Karlin Sloan, the founder and CEO of Sloan Group International. “We work with three stakeholder groups – senior executives, high potential leaders in line for succession, and mid -level management who are charged with really getting performance out of their people. In the last year we’ve shifted our focus to working with an increasingly virtual workforce and helping leaders at all levels enterprisewide to be at their best.”

SGI is committed to delivering best in class services with a cohort of top tier practitioners. “It doesn’t make us the largest in our sector; it makes us the highest quality. We care about bringing research-based programs that are proven to get real results,” says Karlin. “We’ve also been at the forefront of what we do since our inception in 2000.” Over the past 20 years, Sloan Group International has pioneered strengthsbased leadership development in healthcare, financial services, media, professional services, and technology. Their content is practical, actionable, and created to engage the audience with valuable tools that help leaders become more effective, more enduring, and more fulfilled.

SGI’s Inspiring Leadership platform was launched in March of 2020 to help newly virtual employees connect to a community of like-minded learners to focus on their development and get support during a time of significant change at work and in their lives. The Inspiring Leadership app is a mobile and desktop accessible private subscriptionbased community for leadership and management career development. “We are working with large corporations to scale our 12-month Inspiring Leadership program across their organizations to help develop the leaders and managers of the future, and to connect and unify a distributed workforce,” adds Karlin

Over the past 15 years, Sloan Group International has provided cutting-edge programming to develop individual and organizational resilience based on its proprietary resilience research. Integrated into the Inspiring Leadership app is their award-winning Resilience at Work Assessment delivered to executives and managers worldwide. It’s designed to provide insights into the strengths and challenges of bouncing back from change or challenge. It provides a clear and actionable framework for managing people and bringing out their best attributes during change.

Sloan Group International has worked with “top of the house” executives for the past 20 years. The Inspiring Leadership app gives the ability to scale their programming to a completely different audience - the managers who do the front-line work of running teams and influencing performance across the enterprise. The content being leveraged is designed to be clear, accessible, and immediately actionable at work. Along with their core 12-month Inspiring Leadership program that includes monthly group coaching, “we can provide your organization’s high potential managers their own individual coaching experience along with their subscription. For $7500/ year, each participant in one-on-one coaching gets access to the app, the Group Coaching program, and their own individual coaching on a monthly basis,” adds Karlin.

SGI has designed Inspiring Leadership to provide great content and a great community at a “no brainer” per person price. Their $299/ year subscription provides access to experienced executive coaches, practical tools, online learning, and an engaged community for less than half of the price of a single coaching session. “Custom branded year-long programs for your private group are also available for organizations that are looking for a private, branded experience,” adds Karlin. “Your private custom community and private 12 month facilitated group coaching comes free with a minimum purchase of 1000 subscriptions. Our aim is to make a powerful, positive difference in workplace culture by helping managers create great outcomes with the people they lead.”


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