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Samir Bhatia
CEO, Brightleaf


Brightleaf provides a technology powered service to extract data from your contracts at extreme accuracy using our own proprietary AI/Semantic Intelligence/Natural Language Processing technology, our own team of lawyers to check the output, and our own Six-Sigma process.

Assisting Aviation Industry Surge Ahead

The most arduous challenge that companies face within the legal arena is what to do with their legacy documents when implementing a CLM system. Legacy agreements are notoriously difficult to handle as they are never consistent, often scanned, and to make things more complex the data is often difficult to normalize for the system to report on. Brightleaf specializes in solving these inconsistencies. By providing a technology powered service to extract data from your contracts at extreme accuracy using their own proprietary AI/Semantic Intelligence/Natural Language Processing technology, pairing it with their own team of lawyers to check the output, and following a stringent Six- Sigma process.

"By developing a powerful AI/ NLP tool in-house, pairing it with its own trained team of lawyers and a stringent Six Sigma process, has enabled Brightleaf unique flexibility that it can offer its clients."

Brightleaf has had an interesting path in the industry. The initial incarnation of the company was to be a contract assembling company. However, the CEO, Samir Bhatia, recognized a much greater need for data extraction. After some changes, the new Brightleaf was born, quickly landing a first client, British Telecom, followed by a US based Class 1 Railway Company which launched Brightleaf to become the company it is today. Brightleaf’s secret is its attention to detail and expertise in the industry. Samir’s knowledge helped lead and uncover just what exactly the true need in the industry was and how to tackle it correctly. Every step in Brightleaf’s process has redundancy controls around it. Having extracted over 20 million data points has enabled Brightleaf to have an insight that is unparalleled.

The key solution is the heart of Brightleaf’s message. Dealing with legacy agreements is often a tough and arduous task which requires much more than a rigorous “magic bullet” solution. It requires flexibility and configuration over all aspects of the project to be done correctly. Brightleaf shines in this area because it controls all the dimensions throughout the engagement: People, Process, and Technology, allowing it to get as specific and granular as its client’s need it to be every single time.

Brightleaf’s prides itself making it easy for its clients and partners to work with them. Though the market is constantly evolving and Brightleaf learns from every engagement they work on, recognizing that this is still a pain point that many companies either don’t want to or don’t have the bandwidth to work on. So Brightleaf’s full end-to-end service offering alongside its al a carte offering enables it to stay ahead of the competition. One of their strongest case studies is one of their first ones, the Class 1 Railroad Company. This historic railroad company had documents dating back to the 1800’s. As such, they were of poor quality, scanned in, contained archaic legal English jargon, and in some cases hand-written. Following Brightleaf’s process closely, they were able to extract their desired information at incredibly high-quality levels discovering hidden revenue leaks that had previously been missed for many decades!

Brightleaf is known today as a technology powered service provider for extraction of data points/information from Client’s legacy or already executed documents. Brightleaf’s next evolution is to make this powerful AI/ML technology available for clients to use, integrating it with some of the largest CLM providers software. This will enable the clients to extract data from their legacy contracts (which could be 10’s of thousands), automatically match up masters and addendums, find duplicates, rename the files with a consistent naming format and other powerful functionality to migrate them into the CLM. Furthermore, it will then enable the clients to review each contract as it comes in, automatically extract the required data points,and even find out if certain clauses match their standard clause requirements(and show the deviation from these during their negotiation process!). This will propel Brightleaf into a top-class SaaS company to complement its industry leading technology powered service.

It is pertinent to mention that Brightleaf has set the de- facto standard in the industry on Legacy Contract migration and the data-extraction process. Clients have been asking to get access to the powerful AI/ML technology and Brightleaf is about to launch into this next phase of the company.


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