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eFlex Systems


Dan McKiernan
President,eFlex Systems


eFlex Systems is a recognized industry leader in the design and implementation of advanced technology and digital solutions for process control and the discrete manufacturing market.

Industry leader in the design and implementation of advanced technology and digital solutions

eFlex Systems is changing its development with creative software solutions. The organization aims to enable manufacturers to enter the Industry 4.0 revolution with cost-effective, easy-to-use applications, allowing them to become flexible, data-driven and best-in-class. EFlex Systems is a recognized market pioneer in the design and deployment of innovative technologies and automated applications for process control and covert production. The company’s mission is to include solutions designed to address particular manufacturing needs, whether for the implementation of a global technology system for multiple manufacturing plants, a single factory-wide solution or a specific production line or region within a plant. With a commitment to creativity and excellence, the organization strives to fulfil the operating needs of its clients with flexible, effective and stable tech solutions. The organization helps producers follow regulatory requirements, boost efficiency, productivity and competition within their sector.

“We believe in long-term partnerships with customers built on trust, support and continuous innovation.”

The solutions of the eFlex Systems framework are modular, web-based and presented on a single application framework. Customers will begin with digital guidelines on how to start a paperless manufacturing process and incorporate traceability and consistency measures as they get more streamlined with error proofing. On the other hand, fully automated smart factories will use both cloud computing and advanced analytics platform solutions. Customers select the particular modules that they need to simplify their operations with the option to add more in the future as desired. “We believe in longterm partnerships with customers built on trust, support and continuous innovation.” says Dan McKiernan, President. Manufacturers worldwide trust that eFlex can turn them into new manufacturing ecosystems with state-of-the-art infrastructure, lean processes, and realtime insight and accountability in the entire production chain.

With a wonderful team of developers, programmers, engineers, integrators, project managers and plenty of creativity and imagination. The company’s team has backgrounds and experience in the manufacturing sector and truly understands manufacturing processes, what software capabilities are important to the industry, how end-users interact with applications, and how to value the organizations. The organization has the skills and skills needed to ensure the effective execution of BOTH Manual and Automated Process Optimization Programs, regardless of scale or complexity. The company’s leadership team has evolved from production floor to floor, with expertise in engineering and process control. They truly understand the production ecosystems and the challenges that manufacturers face in attempting to incorporate, handle and collect data from different application channels, tools and hardware. Their vision is to create simple, flexible, innovative software solutions that provide immediate ROI for today’s manufacturers.

EFlex’s Manufacturing Integrated Platform (MIP) systems offer a new level of plant floor management, accountability and error proofing – making it simpler than ever to customize and maintain operations, standardize job orders and ensure that quality requirements are reliably met. While the cost of traditional layers on the plant floor can be extremely expensive and labor intense – from hardware and integration costs to programming and data analysis needs, MIP provides significant cost savings and reduces the need for separate layers on the plant floor – PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, and MES/ MOM systems. One application environment with one common navigation and flow from the control of I/O at the sensor level to advanced analytics reporting.


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