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Julia Klingspor


PROXIA Software AG is an international software company that develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and production companies.

Provider of Flawless Production

Today organizations want maximum flexibility concerning the use and capacity utilization of production resources, man, machine, and material in the current pandemic situation. They want roadmaps that can be implemented quickly and practice-oriented solutions as part of the digitization strategy or become more digital (based on the pandemic situation, home office workplaces, distance rules, more flexible, dynamic staffing, short-time work, internal communication). PROXIA Software AG is an international software company that develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and production companies.

“PROXIA MES offers the establishment of a seamless Industry 4.0 Supply Chain, introduction of a new Control Room, PEP and BDE solution, 100% precise MES master data”

PROXIA offers unique solutions for production controlling, monitoring, and coordination mobile, digital, and in real-time on all end devices, every time and everywhere. They give more transparency in production through online production monitoring: what is currently going where and how in production? Where are there bottlenecks? When will the orders be finished? Better forecast planning for targeted use of resources: software control center for the optimal planning of people, machines, materials, and orders including “what if?” Simulations. And valid key figures and data from production are the cornerstones for the continuous improvement process; even more, PROXIA offers unique measure management in its MES solution, which defines goal-oriented measures and controls them software-based on implementation effect. The PROXIA MES software suite is a 100% in-house developed solution - from practice, for practice - and has already been validated and awarded several times by independent institutes, for example with the TOP 100 innovation award from the Compa-Media Group and the seal of approval “ Software Made in Germany “from the German Federal Association of ITMittelstand eV (BITMi).

The new PROXIA Action Manager eliminates this uncertainty from production and guarantees a reliable, digital continuous improvement process (CIP). PROXIA is one of the first MES providers with OPC-UA-compatible software solutions and the new PROXIA XI gateway for the parallel use of various machine protocols. The new PROXIA Cloud & MES concept: With the hybrid PROXIA cloud technologies, online and offline databases can now be combined in a meaningful way in the MES context - the right data in the cloud, individually according to requirements.

PROXIA MES-Software helps a company improve the availability of their machines and equipment. Unplanned machine downtime and idle time are prevented – early warning and action in case of faults or malfunctions ensure that production runs smoothly. The continuity of the PROXIA MES value chain guarantees the constant availability of all product information in real-time. PROXIA MES software helps companies to increase production output. Efficiency losses at machines, systems, and workplaces are detected early. Reports provide full information, and errors can be significantly reduced with improvement measures (CIP); one can say that high-cost investments, such as extra shift resources, machines, or personnel, are things of the past.

PROXIA MES software helps a company detect, document, and analyze product faults. Its major and important benefit is the early detection of faults. Regulatory action can be taken even before a fault occurs, and evaluations can be used to eliminate frequently occurring error sources with preventive measures. Solution concepts or software components for individual customer requirements are always integrated into standardized products or the software standard at PROXIA. All standard products grow with the demands of the market. According to the collective principle, every PROXIA customer and user benefits automatically from expansions, additions, and improvements in their installation. Thanks to this philosophy, PROXIA solutions can always be maintained or updated and, thanks to their future viability, form sustainable investment protection for the customer.

With the decision to purchase PROXIA MES, a production company lays the foundation for long-term improvement of its production processes, intending to improve OEE key indicators: Increased availability, improved resource efficiency, and better product quality. Working with PROXIA means more than just acquiring MES-Software. It’s about entering a partnership with one of the leading providers of MES in the world. As an MES solution partner, PROXIA offers a high degree of strategic competence and project realization power. Through MES process consulting, we support companies on a practical level in meeting their targets using the latest lean production methods, SMED concepts, and set-up optimization models.

Extremely high-quality products that are subject to extreme demands also require high-quality components. HEGGEMANN AG in Paderborn specializes in such components. A specialist in the design, construction, and manufacture of complex lightweight metal components targets the prestigious automotive and aerospace industries with its high-tech products. To ensure the highest quality and an optimal supply chain in internal production processes, HEGGEMANN relies on BDE and detailed planning from PROXIA MES products to provide precise master data as the basis for planning and costing as highly integrated production planning for lean and flexible production. PROXIA MES offers the establishment of a seamless Industry 4.0 Supply Chain, introduction of a new Control Room, PEP and BDE solution, 100% precise MES master data for reliable decision-making and secure, error-free, and complete BDE data acquisition.

The sustainable innovation factor is a primary area for PROXIA MES to concentrate on for the coming days and enhance the user-friendliness of the software, training courses, and employee training. According to Julia Klingspor, CEO of PROXIA, “we are a young, medium-sized company, almost every employee is a pillar of the company in its field when it comes to the introduction, further development and series maturity of innovations. Flat hierarchies accelerate the dynamics and speed of putting innovations on the road—Innovation invented today and made tomorrow—PROXIA innovations arise from practice, for practice, not on the rice board for innovation itself. At PROXIA we call this practice-oriented innovation.”


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