Blaz Golob, CEO, GoForeSight

Wider Environment for Newer Solutions

Smart City Platform is a technology that provides broader sustainability possibilities for creating innovative technologies focused on open data and the API economy. In addition, it provides comprehensive resources to meet the problems and the technical development of the organisation. The smart management products and services of the company empower managers to be managers who establish future collaboration with people, tourists, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. The SmartCityPlatform consists of modules listed below.

"Our Community is Competent to provide Consulting & Advocacy & Meeting Point with the aim to reach Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, A Just World and Wellbeing."

Various Products and Offerings

Data Lake at the top of the Smart City Platform. It collects a lot of raw data in one location and promotes data mining and the production of additional value from data. It can manage massive databases on a scalable computing device. Using raw data, users can derive greater meaning from data and create better models with increased predictive efficiency

Data Bank is the very important part of the Smart City Platform, which supports the Open Data concept and API. It enables the integration of data and their innovative use with linking on all connected applications. Data Bank is a solution, where all the data of individual systems and also dynamic data are stored in different silos, as well as static data measured in real time by sensors. Using the data obtained the users can offer young startup companies that can develop new solutions based on open data.

Smart Performance application enables optimization management and monitoring of key development indicators and development objectives over time. On the first level (OVERVIEW) modules are sorted into preset categories of the platform. The example of preset categories is ISO 37120 indicators – indicators for City Services and Quality of Life. The first level shows the indicators that most progress or decline. At the second level, the movement of each indicator is shown in more details.

The Smart Project framework offers an engaging perspective on the management of key construction programmes and support for the preparation, tracking and design of programmes. With the framework, users will be able to build new projects and track progress in key construction programmes.

Smart Marketplace application enables smart solutions and advertising services, applications and data in one place. Companies can promote their solutions or solutions that are physically implemented in the Living Lab environment on a single platform, they can connect with complementary solutions and cooperate on joint projects. In addition, Smart Marketplace enables businesses, start-ups and creative individuals to develop their own innovative and smart solutions, on the basis of open data, so-called APIs and the existing solutions

Smart Sense can easily track data such as air and water quality, noise, light emission, temperature , humidity, CO2, NO2, CO, O3, and many other parameters through sensors in real time. The app contains information on the sensor ‘s current calculated values, the type of sensor, the position of the sensor and the background of measurement.




Blaz Golob,CEO, GoForeSight


Our Community is Competent to provide Consulting & Advocacy & Meeting Point with the aim to reach Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, A Just World and Wellbeing.

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