Timo Lindstrom, CEO, Confidex

Committed Providers of a Holistic Awareness of Consumer Needsb

Since 2005, Confidex Smart Industries has been a trusted partner for device integrators and end-users of high-performance short-range wireless devices to allow industrial IoT technologies worldwide. “”Excellent support, good standard and secure goods are part of our company’s DNA – we are committed to a holistic awareness of consumer needs and to finding a solution for them, no matter how complicated they might be.”” says Timo Lindstrom, CEO, Confidex. Together with the technology partners, Confidex builds value-adding solutions for asset management, traceability, and authentication -applicable in manufacturing, supply chain, automotive, and many other industries. Today, over 100 million assets are equipped with Confidex tags and labels.

"Confidex is the world’s most trusted and valued provider of short-range wireless product solutions for public transportation, logistics, automotive and manufacturing industries."

Confidex contactless smart tickets have been developed explicitly for large-scale public transit, access management, and parking ticketing applications. With advanced materials and developed in-house high-volume manufacturing technologies, they deliver cost-effective and robust ticketing media with a high degree of comfort. High efficiency combined with a range of authentication and memory features Confidex contactless smart tickets allows operators to cut prices, produce new sales, and develop new technologies.

Confidex Smart Mobility provides the customers with more than just contactless smart tickets. The organization offers an industry-leading approach that is entirely compliant with the ticketing system and provides ready-to-use, customizable fare media, and versatile distribution systems. The organization’s innovative, high-quality products have made Confidex the leading supplier of contactless smart tickets globally, producing 20 million tickets per month.

Confidex is the world’s world’s leading supplier of highperformance contactless smart tickets, industrial RFID & NFC tags, and specialty labels, as well as Bluetooth Critical Beacons – key enablers for short-range wireless IoT solutions that make supply chains, transactions, and authentication of goods or people more efficient and secure. With the organization’s global network of resellers and distributors, the organization serves customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle-East, and Asia

Experts Offering Satisfying Innovative Equipment

Customized digital media provides consumers a wide variety of features to suit their needs. The company’s technical staff is in a position to create a product that satisfies the requirements of much of the equipment currently on the market. Confidex full-service offering includes a wide range of ticketing formats for variable applications specializing in cost-efficient solutions, high quality, and functionality.

“We maintain very close relationships with leading system integrators such as Cubic, Thales, Conduent , Flowbird, UBI, VIX, Scheidt & Bachmann, Indra, KentKart, Etc. to continuously improve our products.” says Timo Lindstrom, CEO, Confidex.

Contactless smart tickets, smart keys, or passes must be considered as part of a complete system. This is why Confidex has paid particular attention to the compliance of the contactless media products with existing ticketing infrastructures at each stage, from designing to manufacturing and delivery

Confidex personalization services are designed to lower the barrier for RFID adoption and facilitate easy usage of RFID tags and labels – in other words, to make life easier. Our product personalization features include Tag encoding or locking, Tag visual marking (printing, branding, barcode), Multiple tags fixing methods, and Various chip options.

Confidex’sConfidex’s personalization service makes it possible to have a barcode and human-readable number printed on top of the RFID tag. This enables the parallel use of two different identification systems. This is required in many cases to be able to do pilots and limited implementations. Investments in new reader devices can be made step by step while existing barcode readers remain usable elsewhere in the chain.




Timo Lindstrom, CEO, Confidex


Confidex is the world’s most trusted and valued provider of short-range wireless product solutions for public transportation, logistics, automotive and manufacturing industries.

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