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Anil Shah


MRCC Solutions provides learning solutions, technology solutions and technology staffing focused on working with a broad range of clients to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Provides Learning, Technology and Technology Staffing

MRCC has been a first-time employee and partner organization and it has always been the company’s priority to ensure the well-being of its associates. That being said, when MRCC measured the gravity of COVID-19, the organization took every possible step to mitigate the effects of the virus. The organization was ideally positioned to react rapidly, helping the company to establish a business continuity strategy over the weekend and proactively introduce home-based work policies. In such a precarious environment, people wanted reassurance and support, so that, whether it was reaching out to customers, teams or suppliers, the organization opened up many lines of contact and enhanced the accessibility. Company has taken many steps such as: No layoffs, no salary cuts, Continuous employee engagement activities, Mental and physical wellness of employees through virtual yoga sessions, Reassured clients that the current scenario will not reflect on their deadlines, Donations made for the underprivileged, conducted virtual town halls to keep the teams informed and up to date. The company continues to thrive, with the added flexibility of being at home and still being able to get the job done. “Our clients and employees are the sole reason behind our success and hence we would like to thank our teams, partners, and clients for their cooperation, support, and unwavering trust in us.” says Anil Shah, CEO.

" Our clients and employees are the sole reason behind our success and hence we would like to thank our teams, partners, and clients for their cooperation, support, and unwavering trust in us. "

MRCC Solutions offers learning solutions, technical solutions and technology workers with an emphasis on partnering with a diverse variety of customers to provide creative, cost-effective solutions. The company enables companies to change their future strategy and climate. From designing technological innovations that meet client demands, to producing and delivering learning solutions that enhance information and business, to supplying on-demand engineering talent that powers enterprise technology, MRCC Solutions provides broad firm experience and skills with small firm customer support and commitment. MRCC has a rare combination of entrepreneurial imagination and strong technical experience that helps the business to deliver genuinely groundbreaking ideas for diverse organizations. The company is proactive in exploring emerging innovations that support its customers. MRCC maintains that customers remain an integral member of the project from start to finish.

MRCC deals in the placement of trained practitioners on a permanent basis on an interim basis. MRCC blends political, technological, financial and functional experience with a validated disciplined approach to help consumers optimize market performance while minimizing running costs. MRCC is a technologydriven solutions company with a tradition of complete life-cycle experience across a broad variety of business verticals. We’re proud of good customer partnerships built by concentrated execution and efficient completion of the project. Combining this with the company’s full suite of IT recruiting and recruitment solutions, the company would become the right partner for an emerging market. The company is a technology company first and foremost. The company’s Talent on Demand practice is run by Engineers, for Engineers. This model requires the company to be experts on existing technologies while also continuing exploration and training on emerging ones. “We don’t want to simply fill a position; we want to work with our clients throughout the entire project life cycle to ensure success.” says Anil Shah, CEO.


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