Charles Hipps

Founder & CEO





Charles Hipps
Founder & CEO, MRCC


Our purpose (and passion) is to help companies attract, engage, and hire amazing, diverse teams that can change the world for the better.

Offers and Discover Unlimited Sourcing Potential

Oleeo’s mission is to help recruiters achieve this better and more effectively than ever before. Designed using smart automation and machine learning, Oleeo’s platform helps businesses discover infinite sourcing ability to attract, engage and recruit amazing, diverse teams that change the world for the better. With Automation & Intelligence built-in, Oleeo’s Hiring Enablement platform provides customers with a roadmap to success in remote recruitment, allowing massive, diverse hires quicker than ever before. With Oleeo, optimize data and automation to classify and expedite top prospects, handle interview schedules, orchestrate live and interactive activities, and more.

“Our purpose (and passion) is to help companies attract, engage, and hire amazing, diverse teams that can change the world for the better.”

Oleeo’s recruitment departments are under a tremendous logistical pressure, overseeing a growing number of applicants (with an average of 91 measures per candidate!), while working to satisfy changing market demands in time. With Oleeo, exploit smart automation and bulk production technologies to supply, pick, interact and recruit customers with the workforce-reducing customer workload and accelerating time-to-hire. Even after the economic crisis, demand capabilities are in short supply and there is competition for top candidates. In addition to filling vital positions, recruitment must involve and nurture potential applicants. With Oleeo, customize management workflows, use data to recognize and expedite top prospects, and future prove company talent pipeline-improving hiring efficiency. D&I is the primary concern of most leaders today, but many lack the insights of D&I on which to base recruitment strategies. With Oleeo, gain deep strategic insights into the status of D&I clients, use Intelligent Collection and Intelligent Writing skills to eradicate bias and D&I hardwire in the processes. “Our purpose (and passion) is to help companies attract, engage, and hire amazing, diverse teams that can change the world for the better.” says Charles Hipps, Founder & CEO.

Through the use of the power of prescriptive advice, Oleeo instantly maps eligible applicants against the skilled DNA of top performers and provides detailed recommendations that help recruiters easily track the best talent and speed up the time to employ. Oleeo’s recommendations for prescriptive talent are based on 120 data points and 25 years of experience. By integrating the power of intelligent automation into a company’s flexible platform, our customer success teams help hundreds of talented acquisition professionals to master their creativity and solve their greatest challenges. Part of the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform, Oleeo Recruit is a customer’s next generation ATS. With intelligence built in, Oleeo Recruit streamlines recruiting with data-driven automation, dynamic workflows, and bulk processing. With Oleeo Recruit, inform and automate the full life cycle of recruitment, sourcing, selection and recruitment of large and diverse candidates, while reducing the administrative workload on recruiters and accelerating the time to hire.

Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform lets the customers turn interviews into virtual meetings in an instant, in a batch or one at a time. Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform leverages data and automation, enabling you to hardwire D&I into customers recruiting strategy, moving the needle in D&I. With Oleeo, gain insights into your baseline in D&I, de-gender job postings, remove bias from candidate selection, and create inclusive candidate experiences. “Hundreds of employers have used Oleeo solutions and expertise over the past 20 years to improve their business performance.” says Charles Hipps, Founder & CEO.


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