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Danny Portee


Our vision is to become a nationally recognized staffing company providing unparalleled services, committed to community support, employee empowerment, and total client satisfaction.

Multifaceted Staffing Solutions

Great talent needs to be engaged, given opportunities that align with their values, and provided worthy offers to consider any company. Professional Management Enterprises, Inc. (PME) pay their personnel competitive wages and benefits, recognize and reward quality work, and provide for future retention and upward mobility to deserving employees. Their corporate salaries and benefits are competitive within industry standards, allowing them to hire and retain the very best people. “We do what’s necessary, but we also understand that compensation is the first step, not the last step. We match the job to the right person,” says Danny Portee, President/CEO of PME.

“We do what’s necessary, but we also understand that compensation is the first step, not the last step. We match the job to the right person”

PME is a national staff augmentation support services firm that is Minority and Veteran owned. They provide consulting, technology, and healthcare staffing solutions, especially for clients fulfilling government contracts. PME understands the importance of detailed processes and demonstrates compliance to ensure program success and timely government payment. “We combine unparalleled experience with comprehensive capabilities across the required technology stack and business functions. We deliver success in the multiple skill layers of personnel recruitment and deployment required to serve our clients,” adds Portee. “PME has served large clients such as Anthem, Humana and KPMG for more than a decade providing staffing services for nationwide contracts. Our existing contract experience is proof we can and will perform in any program role.”

PME’s corporate leadership’s heavy investment in retention fosters a sense of ownership and accountability at the lowest levels. That sense of mission and purpose in teamwork cultivates esprit de corps. PME utilizes recognition, a powerful retention strategy that is swift and economical to implement. Money is always an issue, but never the only factor. Employees need to feel the emotional and intellectual returns of successful behavior. “Our approach is easy to say but hard to do. We deliver where others can’t or don’t,” says Portee. “Our Project Managers (PMs) maintain daily strength figures for all PME contracts. Immediately upon discovering a projected, potential, or actual vacancy, our Project Managers, working with the leadership of PME, begin the process of choosing and hiring an appropriate replacement.” PME practices a “promote from within” policy by extending full-time (FT) hiring offers to fully train part-time (PTE). This yields faster, more reliable staffing transitions than competitors’ recruiting and training from scratch.

PME staff attend job fairs in the local areas, which, along with the resumes we already possess, allows us to have a ready pool of screened and interviewed individuals immediately available to replace lost workforce or meet surge requirements. “We increasingly are using digital recruitment tools through Facebook and LinkedIn to find currently employed talent even if they are not actively looking. We don’t limit our search to the unemployed,” explains Portee. “We can electronically accept and file job applications on our website, allowing for direct resume submission by interested candidates.” PME constantly receives and reviews resumes from various job websites and job banks. The local Department of Labor office is always contacted to ensure immediate area candidates are taken into consideration. All resumes are retained for at least one year, allowing PME to expand our workforce as needed.

PME prides itself on hiring practices that are inclusive to all qualified applicants. “We have a historically high rate of hiring veterans and disabled veterans and support special populations re-entering the workforce. We have worked with Title 5, Title 38, and Title 42. We also work with judicial organizations and independent organizations that are excepted service or special pay agencies,” says Portee. “In our Federal workspace we have worked with Schedule A Excepted Service Hiring Authorities, Direct Hire, Schedule C, SES and PAS hiring, Veterans Recruitment Appoint Authority and Veteran Employment Opportunity Authority.” This diversity in hiring and employment also delivers the essential cultural affinity to client service populations or beneficiaries.

To further elaborate, PME team members possess advanced knowledge of Federal Special Hiring Authorities and apply these authorities to daily recruitment efforts. Their recruiters consider these appointment authorities for specific groups of applicants who meet reasonable and customary eligibility requirements. Most often, PME applies Schedule A’s, Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA), Non-competitive, Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA), and those with disabilities for the clients. “Our clients have constantly praised our expertise in all hiring areas because of our consistent ability to make sound hiring recommendations with use of these special hiring authorities,” adds Portee.

For the United States Army, PME developed reconciliation tools for summary bills for audit readiness requirements. Their team analyzed to identify any cost avoidance and savings and developed rate analysis processes for Soldiers with Permanent Change of Station orders. Their ability to reconcile disbursements to obligations and reclassify disbursements to the proper fiscal year allowed PME to save the government $200,000,000 throughout the contract.

PME believes in steady, measured growth, distinguishing yourself from competitors, having measurable data to show progress, and nurturing employees who can grow along with the company. For the last 18 months, PME, which provides administrative support, human resources, call centers, and customer service, has seen revenue roughly double, thanks in part to contracts with Anthem and Conduent. PME provides call-center support for both companies and supplies social workers and non-emergency medical transportation for Anthem. Non-emergency medical transport is a relatively new and growing part of the business.

PME’s earnings from federal government contracts have been down for the past 18 months. “But having a diverse portfolio of clients has bolstered PME’s performance and we will continue to explore new revenue streams in 2021. PME’s revenue grew by nearly $20 million from 2018 to 2019. Still, PME stepped back in the middle of the year to prepare for the future,” adds Portee. “We compiled relevant data from every project and make sure all processes have been refined and written down. Moving forward, we have a handbook that shows how to do the job. It’s the next-man-up mentality.”


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