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Joynd provides holistic HR integrations along the employee life cycle, giving employers the power to choose best-of-fit applications, and vendors the opportunity to deliver.

Offers Holistic HR Integrations with Employee Life Cycle

Joynd offers holistic HR integrations across the employee life cycle, encouraging employees to select the best-of-fit applications, and providing suppliers with the ability to deliver. The HR integrations are something that the organization does. Using the company’s pre-built, reversible and easily configurable connectors, the company offers the ability to integrate easily and cost-effectively with a multitude of vendors. Joynd’s commitment to HRonly incorporation ensures that the organization has extensive familiarity with HR systems and data flows; most specifically, the company will predict exceptions to the regulations that would otherwise require a lot more time and resources to integrate. Vendors and HR practitioners trust Joynd Integration Managers to lead them from gathering to living requirements. In addition, we continue to track and support the data flow of customers for the duration of their link. “We connect your application to our platform - joining 100’s of HR vendors - in less time than it would take you to build one custom integration.” says Dianna - CEO.

“We connect your application to our platform - joining 100’s of HR vendors - in less time than it would take you to build one custom integration.”

Say YES when an RFP asks if customers can integrate. With a reliable integration partner, consumers can deliver integrations and get sales quicker than they can. Through working with an organization whose primary focus is on integration with HR apps, consumers will focus on their main product and brand themselves as integrated with a wide range of vendors. Joynd’s integration network offers consumers access to 100 suppliers and thousands of future customers. From specifications to start-up,the organization oversees the entire integration-plus Joynd monitors and maintains client connections to ensure that data flows are adequately handled and that clients are taken care of. Joynd provides holistic HR integrations throughout the employee life cycle, giving you the power to choose best-offit applications and more time for high-value work. The company’s vast library of pre-built connectors, partnerships with suppliers, and aggregate experience ensures that the company has seen it all when it comes to HR integrationso that the company can execute rapidly and cost-effectively. The organization has worked through a wide variety of employee procedures and has the wisdom to direct customers through any integration. The business acts as a trustworthy extension of the client team.

If Joynd already has a connector to customers ATS, or if customers have a published API, the company can build and list your app in the Joynd Marketplace. If customers do not have a published API, customers can build a direct integration between their recruiting system and the Joynd Marketplace. The Joynd Marketplace - pre-populated with hundreds of vendors - can be branded as customers own or can supplement your existing partner landscape. If already integrated with Joynd, the company uses customers’ existing connectors and nothing additional needs to be developed. For vendors not already integrated with Joynd, there are options to be listed in the Joynd Marketplace - customers can develop to the company’s API or Joynd can build to customers. This will bring delight to customers: the option of suppliers who are easily installed at a reduced cost than traditional integration. In addition, the Joynd Marketplace offers an incentive to pilot vendors in an automated fashion within their recruitment framework setting.


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