Thorsten Braun, Chief Technical Director, ColorLogic GmbH

Pioneer of Color Management Technology

Thorsten Braun, Chief Technical Director of ColorLogic GmbH was an early developer of ICC-based color management which is the backbone of the company’s breakthrough color management technology. He first worked at LOGO GmbH & Co. KG and GretagMacbeth AG, where he focused on the development of algorithms for color transformation and developed the well-known ProfileMaker still used in the industry today. For over 27 years, Thorsten’s experience has landed him on prestigious advisory committees, such as Idealliance and Printing Industries of America, to develop and establish international print standards with the latest being Expanded Gamut Printing in a CMYK working space

"Sustainability is a fundamental part of everything I do. To have a lasting impact requires commitment and collaboration from all"

Thorsten’s expertise sets the framework for all development for the company. Having a plan before starting to implement his technology has been instrumental in his creations. He instills his philosophy think first, then do when he leads his development team in designing award-winning color management software for the printing industry

One of the founding ideas of ColorLogic is their DeviceLink Technology. The DeviceLinks are based on their extremely advanced ICC profiles. “Our exclusive algorithms create better flexibility and accuracy giving us an edge over the competition which use non-ICC-based solutions,” says Thorsten. “Additionally, our multicolor and extended gamut printing capabilities are highly accurate resulting in reduced printing waste and increase time and money. This is good for the customer, good for business, and good for our environment.” Thorsten shares this philosophy in their eco-friendly company by having an efficient workflow, minimal waste, and mitigating what they cannot reduce.

A Solid Foundation

For almost 20 years ColorLogic GmbH has been committed to providing the most advanced software technology in color management. This achievement has been accomplished by building a solid team of experts with a clear focus on firstclass technology that quickly respond to the requirements of the ever-changing market. No hardware, no consumables, just reliable production-proven software and technology which serve the overall printing industry with a multitude of printing methods (traditional printing, digital, newspaper, gravure, flexo, textile, decor, ceramic…).

ColorLogic GmbH is well known globally in the printing industry as innovative and trustworthy, but a stronger presence was needed in the Americas. Along with Barbara Braun-Metz, CEO of ColorLogic GmbH, a decision was made to focus on the needs of the American print market and to better support their partners and customers. In 2012, CrossXColor, Inc., a US-based partner company for ColorLogic GmbH was opened to serve the printing industry in the United States, Canada and South America. While Thorsten still leads the development team of ColorLogic GmbH in Germany to improve their firstclass technology and products, he wanted to get more involved in the American printing industry and its requirements. This strategic move has been instrumental in bringing innovative color management solutions developed in Germany to the United States and the rest of the Americas.

“Our success is due to our incredible development team, our support specialists and most importantly our global network of ColorLogic partners who relentlessly demonstrate the benefits of our color management technology to our worldwide customers in the print and packaging industry,” says Thorsten

Giving Immediate Results

The essence of ColorLogic ZePrA Smart Color Server is the profiling technology behind it. Manual color adjustments and conversions are time-consuming, expensive, and inaccurate. ColorLogic’s state-of-the-art color management, harnessed and automated by ZePrA, can process hundreds of jobs per day, freeing skilled prepress professionals for other tasks. This color technology is a product of Thorsten’s 27 years of experience in color management that started with being the developer of the well-known ProfileMaker.

ColorLogic ZePrA Smart Color Server can produce immediate results working standalone or easily integrated seamlessly into an existing workflow with a simple software download on both Windows and Mac platforms. It is most powerful when integrated into the ColorLogic Suite for a complete color management solution consisting of its three branded products: ColorAnt for color measurement and correction, CoPrA for advanced color profiling, and ZePrA Smart Color Server for an unparalleled range of color management technology with a high level of automation option possibilities. Additionally, ColorLogic offers its Software Development Kit (SDK) for those vendors in the industry who want to integrate their technology directly into their own product solutions.

ColorLogic technology can handle even the most difficult kind of color management, prediction and transformation of color. A key technology for color processing is the simulation and color modeling of any output process. The higher the accuracy of the simulation the better any color transformation will perform. The clue is to calculate such color models from any data, would it be a single full tone color only, a complex multicolor test chart or any other combination of data. This enables, for example, the prediction how a brand color would overprint with standard CMYK process colors. Based on such color models more complex technologies like DeviceLink profiles can be calculated.

Client’s First Choice

Thorsten sharing two instances describes how ColorLogic technology optimized and automated Satinskin Textiles S.A., a digital textile printing company in Portugal that produces textiles on a variety of machines from different manufacturers. ColorLogic CoPrA and ColorAnt were integrated seamlessly into their current workflow providing outstanding results. Prior to using ColorLogic, they had a problem with the color blue appearing more purple in profiles, and the gray balance not being accurate. The gray balance feature in CoPrA gave them complete control where they wanted their grays to go, color wise. In addition, their previous solution did not provide multichannel DeviceLinks and having this ability to convert with CoPrA multicolor profiles provided better efficiency all around. Satinskin is very happy with how simple the applications are to use, while still providing the best possible results. “ColorLogic solutions really provide a high return on investment because in the end the user needs less testing and to save ink. We have been working with ColorLogic’s partner in Spain, ID-Soft, and they have provided great support with prompt replies and accurate information,” states Antero Pedras of Satinskin Textiles.

In the second instance, The Office of Marketing Communications at Miami Dade College has been using ColorLogic ZePrA Smart Color Server since August of 2013. Prior to using ColorLogic, color space conversions were not as accurate, color gradations contained banding and resulting files were very large when dealing with their color space conversion of large files for newsprint, digital, offset and sheetfed. ColorLogic drastically reduced their final output file size by over 500 percent (compared to their previous system), which means faster conversion and transfer time. In most cases, ColorLogic did not even need to rasterize the file to process to a new color space, which is necessary for many other products. The ColorLogic solution was simply much faster and more efficient than anything else they have seen.

The installation and integration of ColorLogic into their workflow was seamless. The setup was done by theirColorLogic partner in Miami, Grafix World. The color server was up and running almost immediately.Since upgrading their color server to ZePrA, they have experienced faster processing times with accurate results and superior customer support.

Towards the Future

“We stay ahead of the competition by continually innovating technology to solve the industry’s toughest color management challenges,” says Thorsten. “We focus on our core competences and adjust to new market segments. We pride ourselves in being the first to incorporate ever-changing standards, updates, and support for new devices.”

ColorLogic’s ICC-based algorithms are extremely advanced and easy to integrate into any ICC-compliant production environment. Some of their competitors continually denigrate ICC-based systems. ICC profiles are a data container, not a method, and the ICC container is actually far more flexible than that used by non-ICC-based solutions. Systems that rely on proprietary profile formats cause significant and expensive problems in file exchanges, where “different” is not “better.” Non-ICC-based solutions may also have serious limitations, for example in number and color of output channels. “Our technology is simply superior as it also optimizes and automates for more accurate results,” says Thorsten

ColorLogic technology is founded on a simple idea — increase efficiency and reduce waste. Thorsten applies his passion for innovation and his technical expertise to transform the color management industry, and thus, our world. He actively participates in causes for protecting the environment, education and wildlife. Thorsten also supports relief efforts for natural disasters and scholarships to educational institutions for a better local and global community. “Sustainability is a fundamental part of everything I do. To have a lasting impact requires commitment and collaboration from all,” adds Thorsten.


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Thorsten Braun,
Chief Technical Director, ColorLogic GmbH


ColorLogic has developed an extensive portfolio and a line of first class color management technologies since being founded in 2002.

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