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Mark A. Ceely
CEO, BECK Strategies Inc


Our primary focus is in IT Operations Management / AIOps, but we cover a wide range of business units within the ServiceNow platform to include Service Management, Business Management, Integrated Risk, and Security Operations.

Transforming Businesses Worldwide

With 2020 being the year of a pandemic, many organizations are trying to figure out how staff can work productively and securely while being remote. A new study of pandemic-induced remote workers and their employers suggests that at least 16 percent will remain at-home workers, long after the COVID-19 crisis has receded. ServiceNow allows for security while allowing staff access to what they need to complete their work as though they were in office. Florida-based BECK Strategies architects that wsolution for the organizations, enabling streamlined business processes and workflows remotely. “We are a 100 percent dedicated ServiceNow partner, and we lend our services as managed service providers, sales partners, public sector partners, trainers, and technology specialists,” says Mark A. Ceely, Founder and CEO of BECK Strategies. Having worked in the IT industry for over two decades, Ceely decided it was time to move in his direction and founded BECK Strategies on July 31st, 2018. BECK Strategies became a ServiceNow partner in June of 2019 and, within three months, had become a Premier partner. BECK Strategies has added several strategic partners over the past couple of years, which has propelled it to 400% growth even during the pandemic.

“We are a 100 percent dedicated ServiceNow partner, and we lend our services as managed service providers, sales partners, public sector partners, trainers, and technology specialists”

Communication is a big key to BECK Strategies’ success. To understand an organization’s requirements fully and then build the solution around their processes, or help them streamline processes, is important. “We keep clients informed every step of the way. BECK Strategies also treats customers like part of our BECK family. We get to know stakeholders so that we understand their business and their needs,” says Ceely. “We have a perfect CSAT score from our customers, indicating that BECK Strategies is working hard to meet their needs.” ServiceNow platform leads the way in technology for business at all levels: ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, Security and Governance, HR, and other modules. They offer mobile technology so that most processes can be completed and reviewed on mobile devices. This can be a huge time saver to a business.

“Many times, we find that clients have continued to apply “fixes” to problems as they arise; but do not realize they are reactive. Once we present our platform solutions, they can see that there is a proactive way to deliver IT services to their business that will allow leadership the insight and thus the ability to make better organization decisions,” explains Ceely. “By working with BECK Strategies and implementing the ServiceNow IT Business Management solution, customers can gain insight to resource planning, and portfolio and project management across their entire organization.” Maintaining IT Service and Operations on the same platform provides a complete workflow from end-to-end.

BECK Strategies takes the stage as a dedicated ServiceNow partner that facilitates smooth business transformation and eliminates information silos in departments, helping each of their clients achieve business success. A service-disabled veteran-owned company primarily focused on bridging gaps within IT Operations Management (ITOM) and AIOps, BECK Strategies also leverages ServiceNow to help clients surmount challenges within IT Service Management (ITSM), Integrated Risk, and other security processes. We utilize a mix of waterfall and agile methodologies for our deployments as we know each customer is unique. This helps us establish true milestones while still being agile throughout development.

An engagement highlighting this ideology is when the company was hired to revitalize a client’s legacy IT tools more than 15 years old. BECK Strategies formulated a package of ITSM, ITOM, and ITBM services to help clients manage their major projects. However, a few people within the client organization were against the proposed changes. This would have been extremely detrimental to both parties if the plans were finalized without consistent communication. “We held daily meetings with the client to understand their mission and why certain members opposed it,” continues Ceely. Eventually, the company replaced those employees and followed a successful and quick 12-week implementation of the three proposed modules. Had the project been completed without proper client interactions, the adoption would be poor, and the company would incur tremendous losses.

During 2020, BECK Strategies has also added a DoD SkillBridge internship program to its portfolio. This internship teaches a skill that helps transition military personnel into the private sector by learning ServiceNow and obtaining certifications to help achieve success in the private sector.

It is pertinent to mention that BECK Strategies is poised to attain an Elite or Global Elite ServiceNow partner shortly. The organization aims to lend its expertise in ServiceNow to the growing federal and higher education markets within the country and across Central and South America. BECK Strategies will also be launching several applications and integrations in the ServiceNow app store to kick off 2021 and expedite customer deployments. BECK Strategies has founded on the principle that businesses require honesty, integrity, and personalization to be successful. Both the BECK team and its clients are considered part of a family, forging strong bonds that take precedence over sales and profit. At its core, BECK Strategies is an organization that functions with the sole goal of assisting its clientele in accomplishing its objectives with the proper utilization of ServiceNow effortlessly.


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