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President & CEO





Radoslaw Putek
President & CEO , WEBCON


WEBCON has been a one-product-centered, self-financed company from day one. Over time, our product has steadily grown to compete and win with the world’s leading process-centric workflow automation platforms.

Efficient and effective business process automation with WEBCON BPS

More and more companies aware of the benefits of business process automation choose to pursue this avenue, as it gives them an opportunity to save time and money, as well as follow the path of evolution and quick wins in order to achieve successful digital transformation. The exact benefits of process automation hinge to a great extent on choosing the right solution to tackle the problem at hand. The WEBCON BPS enterprise low-code application platform is currently one of the best systems currently available on the market that handles process optimization and automation and offers far more benefits than a regular BPA-class system.

Why optimize and automate business processes?

Business Process Automation, or BPA for short, is an innovative approach to process management, which is increasingly used by modern companies and organizations. Processes form the foundation of operations of every single business and organization, which is why managing them using modern and innovative technologies, tools and mechanisms provides access to immense opportunities and numerous benefits to companies. The secret of business process automation lies in enhancing, supporting and even partially replacing human work with the help of modern technologies and IT tools, including business process management systems.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits associated with process automation and optimization. What is more, these days introducing new solutions hardly means any difficulties and comprehensive transformation of the existing operations — this is because modern systems are developed to ensure their easy deployment and seamless integration, while ensuring high return on interest in a very short time. According to the Total Economic Impact™ study of WEBCON BPS carried out in June 2020 by Forrester Consulting, the implementation of the WEBCON BPS platform in a certain financial company resulted in a 113% return on investment within the first 3 years, 21,000 working hours saved and business processes sped up by 87%. The company’s bottom line also did better than before, with more than $600,000 in savings.

How to choose the best BPA system and what makes WEBCON BPS worth your while?

The WEBCON BPS enterprise low-code application development platform is a truly innovative, highly efficient and effective solution that elevates business process management in organizations to a completely new level. It is currently one of the most functional and innovative IT systems for business dedicated to business process management, as well as an interesting alternative to BPA solutions characterized by low flexibility and difficult maintenance.

The WEBCON BPS suite enables you to quickly, easily and effectively build comprehensive and fully-fledged enterprise applications that can be used to efficiently handle, organize and streamline virtually all business processes. One of the most important advantages offered by the WEBCON BPS low-code platform is the way it allows users to develop business applications with no code whatsoever or with minimal amount of code where its use can be justified either economically or technologically. WEBCON BPS makes it possible for companies to digitize, standardize and automate both core and back-office processes that underpin the company’s operations, ranging from simple and straightforward ones, up to the most complex, industryspecific ones that can be controlled using the software. WEBCON BPS platform users are happy to admit that this tool allows them to comprehensively handle more than 90% of all business scenarios.

Innovative technologies and bespoke solutions in WEBCON BPS

WEBCON BPS effectively and synergistically combines a variety of functionalities and feature sets, offering Business Process Automation, as well as DPA (Digital Process Automation); BPM (Business Process Management); DMS (Document Management System) and electronic document workflow (including OCR - Optical Character Recognition) and workflow automation. What is more, the platform also offers a number of elements of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IPA (Intelligent Process Automation), including Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Such an extensive and comprehensive feature set can turn the platform into a central, unified and standardized environment for delivering applications supporting virtually any business scenario and process.

One of the key features inherent in the technological DNA of the WEBCON BPS platform is its bespoke InstantChange™ technology – a significant advantage of the low-code platform over other systems available on the market. InstantChange™ allows you to make significant changes and modifications at any stage of the business application lifecycle — quickly, easily and with immediate results. This feature offers outstanding flexibility in developing, deploying, modifying and maintaining business process applications, ensuring iterative and Agile-based deployment of enterprise IT tools and effective real-time change management.

This bespoke change management technology available in the WEBCON BPS suite also enables companies to better and more efficiently adapt business applications, both new ones and those already deployed to the production environment, in order to ensure their compliance with new practices, concepts and dynamically changing internal or external requirements. This technology is definitely worth keeping an eye on in this era of ubiquitous digital transformation faced by all modern businesses and organizations.


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