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Mark Kay
Founder, Redleaf


Redleaf is a business process automation software company that makes it easy for companies to digitize and automate physical workflow into intelligent business processes.

World Class workflow technology to transform an age old industry

Redleaf was founded in 2013 to harness the capability and power of technology to transform manual business workflow systems. With my co-Founder Ciarán McCormack, Redleaf created two technology solutions for our customer’s business automation. Automation Wizard and Process Trigger were built with a customer centric eye, enabling traditional workflow, operational policies and procedures to be simply translated to a digital realm, instantly accessible to a non-technical workforce.

"We build high level, flexible frameworks that allows the easy creation of forms to gather data in a drag and drop format, requiring little to no technical experience from users."

Non structured, manually gathered data can be difficult to use in downstream processes. Redleaf specialises in process automation, interpreting complex data and providing tools to allow clients to visualise it in a manner appropriate for their needs and customers. Using various forms of Machine Learning, Redleaf assists in turning data into a valuable and easily used asset. Our systems support a wide range of Near-Field-Communications (NFC) and the Internet of Things(IoT) devices allowing for constant, automated gathering of data for use in downstream processes such as predictive analysis and rules engines for notifications.

Redleaf treats data as a commodity from which insights and knowledge can be extracted. We build high level, flexible frameworks that allows the easy creation of forms to gather data in a drag and drop format, requiring little to no technical experience from users. We overlay the easy creation of processes to operate on the gathered data that can be tailored to every client’s need.

A chance meeting in 2018 with one of Australia’s most high-profile thoroughbred horse trainers, Chris Waller, sparked an inspiring journey that will revolutionise one of the more archaic, manually delivered business models on the planet. In partnership with Segenhoe Stud in Australia, ranked in the top 50 equine breeders globally, StableWizard was born to guide the equine care, welfare and training sector out of its age old, pre-technology operations into the digital age.

StableWizard presented the perfect opportunity to turn data into a highly valuable and easy to use asset.

Aspects of the global horse racing industry are today mechanised, but the care, welfare and daily handling of a valuable horse is still undertaken in stables and on race tracks by passionate stable hands, riders and wizened intuitive trainers caring for their prized charges with chalk boards and paper trails.

So started our two-year collaboration on StableWizard, utilising the practices of one of the best in the thoroughbred training business as our modelling for the work flow systems,and testing the software with his team and at the stables of legendary race horses.

Our first foray into the dusty stables with iPads in hand was widely met with disbelief by the hardy horse carers. But at every step we found willing collaborators. The physical environment of the stables required bespoke enclosures and specialised seals for our hardware on site, which today has more than met its requirements.

The enormous challenges of working with highly tuned horses at the peak of their racing careers, each potentially worth millions of dollars, was a powerful motivation to focus the mind and ensure the highest standards would be met in our systems design and delivery.

The work flow of the daily and weekly stable routine is a highly complex and critical operation with temperature testing, feeding, health observations, injury management, training and work out schedules for the horses and staff, creating something approaching an airport management operation system. Spanning four geographically diverse locations and even time zones with hundreds of horses and personnel on individual daily routines, the oversight for every single charge at Chris Waller Racing would flow through multiple human handlers, reporting through chains of command up to the overall trainer.

One misdiagnosed moment such as a heightened temperature could lead to the end of thoroughbred’s career.

Our 100 percent cloud hosted solution ensures no latency between data gathering and processing. The web interface makes the platform available to everyone on their own devices, when and where they need it. A process that previously took 2 hours in manual entry now takes 2 minutes, with a data record to boot.

With the eyes of trainers, owners and a rigorous regulatory regime having oversight on every horse in Australia, the sector has been ripe for automation to greatly enhance safety and welfare, record keeping and importantly to deliver absolute real-time oversight of operations to improve welfare and performance outcomes.

StableWizard has built this solution hand in hand with the sector, replacing antiquated system and enhancing the total workflow of the stable. Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables the trainer to view hundreds of horses and their hourly data, from numerous remote locations, to manage their care and preparation to race. Additional inbuilt system warnings serve to flag any rule breaking issues to enable immediate action and streamlining resources.

Redleaf has built StableWizard to be able to tailor for any stable environment and to capture a trainer’s own bespoke rules. The system is created on the processes and welfare strategies of one of Australia’s most successful trainers and its modules are adaptable across the globe to revolutionise the equine industry asset management and welfare. With Research and Development partners we are also bringing forth totally revolutionary automation aspects in the future and our core product has a whole pipeline of extension modules already in development. Redleaf has been able to deliver this solution not only at an incredibly low per unit cost for this industry, but our infield implementation over the past two years has proved tangible large cost savings through efficiencies.

Redleaf was able to utilise our bespoke services to their full extent in this dynamic environment. Our other client areas represent a diverse set of industries and global brands. I spent many years of my earlier career as the Global Head of Systems Integrators Business and Senior Vice President of the Asia Pacific Region for Hitachi Data Systems. Having worked on three continents and in 15 countries has provided me a truly global perspective on the role data and automation can provide to deliver vast improvements in any field of enterprise and across any cultural and geographic location. I believe this experience, alongside several of our world leading innovation partners will enable Redleaf’s systems, and particularly our StableWizard product to be truly transformative on a world stage.


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