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The manufacturing arena is facing a number of challenges including”Amazonification” where the delivery dates have become shorter, along with increasing variety of products, smaller lot sizes, higher degree of customizationall delivered with the best product quality. This is where PROXIA Software AG — an international software company that develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and manufacturing companies — comes into play. Armed with more than three decades in experience, PROXIA is offering companies better forecast planning for targeted use of resources and valid key figures and data from production as the cornerstone for the continuous improvement process. PROXIA provides a unique measure management in its MES solution, which defines goal-oriented measures and controls them software-based on implementation and effect.

PROXIA MES-Software helps organizations improve the availability of their machines and equipment. Unplanned machine downtime and idle time is prevented – early warning and action in case of faults or malfunctions ensures that production runs smoothly. The continuity of the PROXIA MES value chain guarantees the constant availability of all production information in real time. PROXIA MES helps companies to increase production output, and efficiency losses at machines, systems, and work places are detected early. Reports provide full information, and errors can be significantly reduced with improvement measures (CIP).

" PROXIA MES software helps companies to increase production output, and efficiency losses at machines, systems, and work places are detected early. "

A Unique Solution

PROXIA MES software helps companies detect, document, and analyse product faults. Its major and important benefit is early detection of faults. Julia Klingspor, CEO, PROXIA Software AG Innovative Leaders MARCH 2020 31 Regulatory action can be taken even before a fault occurs, and evaluations can be used to eliminate frequently occurring sources of error with preventive measures. With the decision to purchase PROXIA MES, a production company lays the foundation for long-term improvement of its production processes, with a view to improving OEE key indicators like increased availability, improved resource efficiency and better product quality.

The PROXIA Realtime Connector guarantees cross-system data communication between the ERP system and PROXIA MES. Furthermore, the PROXIA Connector can conduct twoway communication with other IT systems involved in the process. The company can access the same information at all process levels for evaluation, analyzes or visualization. Different levels of transaction data and interface problems are therefore a thing of the past. As an MES solution partner, PROXIA offers a high degree of strategic competence and power in project realization. Through MES process consulting, they support companies on a practical level in meeting their targets using the latest lean production methods, SMED concepts and set-up optimization models. PROXIA differentiates itself through three pillars of the solution and product philosophy Innovative MES Products, Latest software, and Fast project realisation.

In an instance, from its original foundation in 1836, Schneider Electric SE has been seen in France as a company that leads the way when it comes to innovative products. Today, the portfolio includes power distribution plants to medium and low voltage networks and industrial automation facilities. The knowledge of belonging to a pioneer in its respective fields has also helped shape the mentality of its employees more than 180 years after the company’s foundation. In order to maintain its leading technological and market position, the company needs innovative production processes alongside products of outstanding quality. PROXIA MES software gives the Schneider plant in Sarre-Union the opportunity to enhance production transparency, and to create a reliable database for calculating OEE.

Innovation & Future

For companies looking for smart and universal networking with MTConnect and OPC-UA, PROXIA XI Gateway is the best solution. Developed in the USA and based on XML, MTConnect is an open and extendable protocol for machine data documentation at shopfloor level. The unidirectional protocol is used for vertical networking of tool machines and IT systems. If a tool machine supports data recording by MTConnect, plenty of information is available. The protocol developed in 2008 sets the standard for machine data acquisition in the North American market. Thanks to a fully described data model, machine data can be used directly for availability and performance analyses as well as visualisations and evaluations. The PROXIA XI Gateway makes up for this shortcoming by transforming communications into OPC-UA.

For the company, sustainability and innovation mean especially for production companies regarding production software “Safe, meaningful” innovation. MES providers are faced with the challenge of integrating the really important, sensible ones for maximum customer benefit from their large innovation pool and the “jungle of possible software innovations” as part of digitization and the Industry 4.0 trend.PROXIA is synonymous with safe, sustainable, fast and practice-oriented innovation in the MES environment.


PROXIA Software AG 


Julia Klingspor, CEO


PROXIA Software AG is an international software company that develops and integrates MES solutions for manufacturing and manufacturing companies. The group of companies has been dealing with process optimization in industry for more than 30 years.

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