Trevor Silver, CEO

A Teacher of Data Engineering and Analytics

Many industries are filled with multi-billion-dollar giants, the technology services industry is no different, but as a growing company in this market, Trevor Silver and Exusia has stayed true to their core principles, which is what differentiates them from any and every competitor in the market. Trevor has strong roots in these principals, which defines him and his company. “Be known for something, find an offering and service that you are the best at and build around that, is our first principal at Exusia. “Also, focus on your #1 asset within your organization, your people;listen to them, all of them. Focus on their growth and development, find and invest in ways to scale and systemize processes to empower your people to grow in expertise and accountability.” These two principles are followed by several guiding principles such as - being flexible and adapting to the evolving industry challenges and trends,maintaining a viewpoint 3-5 years ahead of the current client needs and lastly looking for long-term strategic client relationships. Exusia also believes that bringing differentiators to the table that accelerate and reduce risk to it’s clients are critical while keeping laser focus on what adds the most value to their clients and leveraging partnerships to efficiently outsource the rest.

Exusia was born from these principles in 2012 out of the requirement to support fortune 100 clients make complex sub second decisions leveraging massive amounts of information. Exusia believed that there werea growing demandsto bridge the gap between strategy, execution and managed services. By that having a clear focus on this lifecycle, Exusiahas been able to achieve significant efficiencies for its clients in data engineering and analytics.

" Be known for something, find an offering and service that you are the best at and build around that, is my first principal "

A True Pioneer

Since the beginning of his career, Trevor has always believed in putting a focus on education. The Digital transformation movement presents ever changing, new disruptive technologies that can fuel organizations all over the world to re-invent and evolve their capabilities. Trevor has believed that it would be difficult for the world’s education systems to keep up with these changes. For this reason, Trevor invests a lot of his time into giving back to the education system. Starting with colleges in Pune and Hyderabad India, Trevor has worked with school administers and faculty to develop new curriculum Trevor Silver, Founder and CEO of Exusia Innovative Leaders MARCH 2020 19 and provide new opportunities for students that have a passion for analytics and data engineering. In the US Trevor is also working with Purdue University, the first computer science school in the US on investments in Data Science and grants that can be put towards students excelling in Data Analytics and Computer Science. Trevor, who is a resident of South Florida,also is a Board Member for the Florida based institution Stetson University where he serves as a board member and as an advisor on post graduate and continuing education courses in disruptive leadership, analytics and "big data".

The Industry Leader

Exusia utilizes a 5-step executive Level playbook to deliver return on investment(ROI) to its clients using a combination of cloudbased analytics, models and data pipelining frameworks in just 2-3 months. These initial proofs of value (POVs) are typically the engineering foundation for many business initiatives across our client’s digital strategy. The unique Exusiaapproach also materially brings down both the capital and operational expenditures associated to digital transformations by leveraging IP, frameworks, accelerators and a set of managed service capabilities provided by Exusia.Exusia believes that every effort that is made for the clients must produce ROI. “By looking through this “ROI centric

Exusia has been built from inception to be data engineering and analytics “SWAT Team” for the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of any organization in any market and any industry. It is critical to Exusia and their clients that there be seamless integration between Strategy, Execution and the Managed services associated to their collective efforts and by partnering with Exusia they believe the clients can consistently out pace investor expectations.Exusia has just recently entered the European market in 2020 with an initial focus in the United Kingdom and Germany and expect to continue to invest in this geographic expansion over the next few years. “Exusia is also expanding its client execution offerings around RPA and Workflow technologies due to current and what we expect to be future client demand,” adds Trevor. “Exusia is also expanding it’s services to the middle market in all regions and continuing to invest in IP and accelerators best suited for that market.”




Trevor Silver, CEO


At the core of our philosophy is a quality-first, trust-building, delivery-focused client relationship. The foundation of this relationship is the talent of our team.

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