Judith Bliss

Founder & CEO





Judith Bliss
Founder & CEO, MindPlay


Our mission: develop, publish, and distribute cost-effective learning tools with clear objectives, inviting graphics, and modern technology to support reading growth and development.

A Bunch of Experts Believe, Community is Key to High-Quality Education

Several relatively exciting developments have emerged in the education sector over the last year. These trends are the beginning and not the end of the vitally essential changes for the industry to develop into something that can genuinely deliver quality education in a sustainable way to a large number of aspiring students. MindPlay’s mission is to develop, publish, and distribute costeffective learning tools with clear objectives, inviting graphics and modern technology to support read growth and development. The company started doing business as MindPlay, under the parent company Methods and Solutions, Inc. Its first line of self-published academic software programs was launched in 1986. MindPlay services cater to diverse learning styles, recognize specific student needs, and separate instruction from personalized lesson plans. Students are given only the lessons needed to fill the gaps in their – educational and overall skills. MindPlay is compliant with: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act.

“ MindPlay’s mission is to develop, publish, and distribute cost-effective learning tools with clear objectives, inviting graphics and modern technology to support read growth and development.’’

The Journey to Start the Company

“The first key to teaching dyslexic learners to read is hope,” says Judith Bliss, founder, and CEO of MindPlay. Being a dyslexic learner herself, Bliss acknowledges the day-to-day struggles and difficulties faced by struggling students. Unlike so many other students with disabilities, Bliss has never been diagnosed or treated. Instead, she was left to fight to get through the academic challenges raised at school every day. On the other hand, unlike other young people with dyslexia, Bliss was fortunate enough to have other talents and abilities. She understood that her dyslexia did not amount to a lack of intellect.

Online Reading Program improving Reading Skills

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) is a useful online reading program that improves reading skills. This helps students with different abilities and individual needs to learn with confidence and precision. It has been shown to benefit students with a wide variety of skills. Suitable for all ages, it can act as an online reading curriculum for Tier 1 students and an intervention for Tier 2 and 3 students. These categories include Special education, GED preparation. English Language Learners, Bilingual Education, and Adult literacy programs. MindPlay rapidly recognizes reading deficits and guides learning to meet specific student needs.

MindPlay is an individualized reading curriculum that involves interactive reading teachers. These “reading mentors” mimic guidance and encouragement for oneto-one tutoring. Instruction is direct, explicit, and quickly targeted at reading gaps that prevent accurate and fluent reading. The program identifies reading strengths and deficits through a series of rapid assessments. It then automatically creates a personalized learning plan to target and quickly fill any reading gap. Only lessons that are specifically, individually, needed are allocated to the MindPlay pupil. This curriculum is used for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, the increase of essential reading skills is seen in the first month. The typical student using the home system raises one grade level every ten weeks (20 hours).

MindPlay goods have received several honors and recognition from some of the best education and literacy organizations in the United States. MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach receives re-endorsement by the Council of Administrators of Special Education-2014.


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