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Paul Kellenberger
CEO, zSpace


Our solutions can be configured for classrooms, labs, media centers, and makerspaces, and the mobile solution includes a cart for transporting your zSpace experience to any classroom or learning space.

Offers an Exploration and Experiential Learning

Technology takes over higher education, realworld professional Training, and colleges. Technology takes over education in the 21st century — be it university-based skillsbuilding courses, real-world technological Training, and studying abstract concepts in classrooms. The transition from traditional means to experiential learning approaches has seen new-age innovations such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Engaging students with creativity and experiential learning describes the learning experience of zSpace. Every zSpace device has been integrated into the show. These sensors are monitoring your zSpace stylus and glasses. As you tilt your head to look around an object, zSpace dynamically updates to display the correct perspective in full, high definition.

“ From learning genetics in zSpace Studio to examining human body systems in Human Anatomy Atlas to practicing welding in WaveNG, there’s something for everyone in zSpace ”

From the Tracked Glasses’ metal frame to the lightweight form of the Follower Glasses, zSpace eyewear is essential but understated. Tracked Glasses provide a full experience, while Follower Glasses allow peers to join and participate. The zSpace stylus is handled like a pen. For 6 degrees of freedom, users can naturally rotate their wrist when they pick up and inspect objects. The buttons on the stylus perform various actions depending on the application being opened. Outside of zSpace-use, users can switch to other Windows programs using a mouse.

Supports a Wide Range of Learning Objectives

zSpace applications support teaching a wide range of learning objectives and bring the magic of zSpace to different careers and industries,” says Paul Kellenberger, CEO, zSpace. “From learning genetics in zSpace Studio to examining human body systems in Human Anatomy Atlas to practicing welding in WaveNG, there’s something for everyone in zSpace”, he added. zSpace Technical Services offers best practice in the design, implementation, and management of zSpace in your school and district. The organization’s staff performs the system setup and implementation, while also training on-site technical administrators about what they need to learn to help and operate zSpace. ZSpace offers the ultimate learning opportunity to encourage curiosity and enhance comprehension. The company’s services team and advisors provide information and experience to tackle instructional approaches and classroom practices that enable educators to involve students, facilitate critical thinking, and promote learning. The company’s Professional Development is hands- on, enabling educators to take on the part of the learner and see the familiar in a different context.

ZSpace offers online courses free of charge to educators, teachers, professional personnel, and school leaders. Online Training is designed to complement on-site programs and allows learning at anytime, anywhere. The company’s online courses include guidance on the use of zSpace, including how to learn and develop skills. ZSpace offers knowledge and a platform to help teaching and student learning and interest. Students learn by asking questions, gathering information, creating models, testing concepts, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions. Teachers promote learning by setting up tools and resources to support students in navigating their lessons.

ZSpace offers a suite of software for self-study, hands-on laboratory dissection, and ECG certification training. Students have a greater understanding of 3D immersive environments and their participation. “From anatomical representation to procedural planning, zSpace brings a new dimension to medical learning and visualization.” says Paul Kellenberger, CEO, zSpace.

The organization received various awards such as Best Innovator of the Year: MEL Science zSpace App Partner - MEL Chemistry, Excellence tech learning award 2019, CES Innovation Awards 2019, and many more.


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